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Young woman looking at a photo album with her grandmother. Family History pbs rewire
Preserving Your Family History One Story at a Time

After months of listening to my grandpa bemoan his lack of a recorded personal family history, one day […]

You can do it motivate yourself to call your parents
You Can Do It: Motivate Yourself to Call Your Parents

You probably know someone who talks to their parents a few times a week, if not every day. […]

Woman smelling flowers that her male partner gave her. Sexual Assault pbs rewire
Steps to Finding Love After Sexual Assault or Abuse

Trauma from sexual assault, sexual abuse or domestic violence can affect your relationships today. But it can also […]

Yound adult woman speaking with her mother about estate planning. pbs rewire
Why You Should Talk About Estate Planning with Your Parents

Estate planning sounds boring (unless you’re a lawyer who specializes in it—in which case, thank you for your […]

Man comforting woman with his hand on hers. Addiction pbs rewire
How to Help Someone With an Addiction: Compassion

Madelyn Ellen Linsenmeir was a mother of one with a beautiful singing voice, who loved swimming with her […]

Young couple on their smartphones while hugging. Love Life pbs rewire
3 Ways Social Media Might Be Hurting Your Love Life

Who are they—the couple at the restaurant that looks at nothing but their phones? Or, worse, one of […]

Woman being supported by friends while out to dinner. Disordered Eating pbs rewire
What Not to Say to Someone Who Struggles With Disordered Eating

An eating disorder can be scary, both for the person experiencing it, and for the loved ones looking […]

Adult African-American son having a difficult conversation with father. Aging Parents pbs rewire
How to Have Difficult Conversations With Your Aging Parents

(This article appeared originally on An important part of caring for your aging parents is understanding their situation […]

Couple climbing next to each other on an artificial climb wall. Adventure pbs rewire
Relationship Rut? Turn Life Together Into an Adventure

Once you’ve settled into the comfort that comes with a long-term partner, it’s easy to default to Netflix […]

Young woman comforting her friend at a coffee shop. Grieving Friend pbs rewire
Avoid Saying This Common Thing to a Grieving Friend

Grief can be uncomfortable. Especially if it’s not your own. It might be hard to admit, but navigating […]

Two young women riding bicycles in the city. Find Friends pbs rewire
How to Find Friends When You Move to a New City

Moving to a new city is hard. There are so many basics that need to be re-learned: where […]

Couple holding hands and their new puppy's leash. Sharing a Pet pbs rewire
When You’re Sharing a Pet With a Deadbeat Pet Partner

Buying a pet, or buying into one, is a big step to take in any relationship, romantic or […]