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Two young men with serious expressions sit on a city bench. Rewire PBS Love Mental Health Ally
Be a Mental Health Ally and Talk Respectfully About Suicide

Most of us are connected to someone who has died by suicide. Odds are, you know a lot […]

Group of friends, their partners, and children in a circle laughing. Life Stage Envy pbs rewire
How To Keep Life Stage Envy From Ruining Your Friendships

If you’ve been feeling lately that your friendships aren’t as strong as before, you aren’t alone in your […]

Two men holding hands in front of a beautiful beach sunset. Lust pbs rewire
Why You’re in Love, or Lust, With That Particular Person

We stay in relationships for all kinds of reasons—personality compatibility, shared interests, a good sense of humor, similar […]

Group of friends having a picnic with their children. Friend Becomes a Parent pbs rewire
How to Stay Friends When Your Friend Becomes a Parent

Waking up at the crack of dawn, rushing home after work, needing to be in bed by 9:15 […]

Lesbian couple walking away from a sunset. Too Much Time With Your Partner pbs rewire
Spending Too Much Time With Your Partner? How to Fix It

It’s easy to get swept up in dating someone new. Cozying up at home every single night can […]

Small group of friends clinking their drinks together in happiness. Big Breakup pbs rewire
How to Share Your City and Your Friends After a Big Breakup

Relationships aren’t easy, especially after they end. In a place as big as New York City or as […]

Young couple holding hands looking at their bed. Contraception Options for Men pbs rewire
Do We Need More Contraception Options for Men?

It’s been nearly 60 years since the FDA approved hormonal birth control for women. In that time, options […]

A young asian woman whispers in her friend's ear. Her friend looks dismayed. Rewire PBS Love Bad Relationship
How to Talk to a Friend About Their Bad Relationship

There are many fish in the sea. But it just so happens that your friend has hooked a […]

African-American couple looking at parent's camcorder. Vacation with In-Laws pbs rewire
How to Vacation with In-Laws, According to People Who Have

Last summer, my partner went on a full-tilt European vacation—beer steins, pretzels, lederhosen, the works—with my whole family […]

Young black woman explaining herself to friends. Having Kids pbs rewire
How Should You Handle Questions About Having Kids?

It’s the trifecta of uncomfortable questions at a family get-together. If you’re single: “Are you seeing anyone special?” […]

A black man apologizing to his african-american wife. Meaningful Apology pbs rewire
How to Make a Meaningful Apology

There’s a reason Elton John sang “sorry seems to be the hardest word.” Apologizing isn’t always easy. For […]

Elderly dog held by a person sitting in a living room. Pet Parenthood pbs rewire
The Not-So-Fluffy Side of Pet Parenthood

Life with pets can mean fun, snuggles and unconditional love, but we don’t talk enough about the difficulties […]