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Interracial couple kissing. Racial Dating Preference pbs rewire
Is It Racist to Have a Racial Dating Preference?

The influx of mobile dating apps with the “swipe” functionality has made the process of selecting potential romantic […]

Grandparents walking with their kids and their grandchildren. Parents Undermine Your Parenting pbs rewire
What to Do When Your Parents Undermine Your Parenting

Bringing kids into the world is exciting, but defending your parenting style to family and friends is not. […]

Brother and sister ignoring each other at Christmas. Broken Family pbs rewire
How to Heal a Broken Family Relationship

Family stuff is tough for a lot of people. You might have relatives you don’t talk to anymore, […]

Young man taking picture with phone while traveling. Travel Solo pbs rewire
How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy When You Travel Solo

When I decided to take 15 months to travel solo in France last year, leaving my (very) committed […]

Man helping partner's continuing education at a coffee bar. pbs rewire
Make Your Love Outlast Your Partner’s Continuing Education

Most people’s response to getting a degree isn’t “Let’s do that again!” But for people who are supporting […]

Two younger men sitting on a stoop depressed. People's Feelings pbs rewire
Are You Catching Other People’s Feelings?

I am extremely susceptible to the feelings of those around me. The mood of my cashier can color […]

Younger woman on date with older man. Age Gap Relationships pbs rewire
Why We’re Still Worried About Age Gap Relationships

When actress and singer Katharine McPhee announced her engagement to boyfriend David Foster in July, some fans and […]

Young black man laughing over coffee with his dad. Friends With Your Parents pbs rewire
How to Become Friends With Your Parents

Becoming an adult means you get to vote, rent a car, buy a home, build up savings and […]

Group of friends at a bar talking about lifestyle differences. pbs rewire
How to Talk About Lifestyle Differences Without an Argument

We’re all different. But a lot of us feel pressure to conform—out in public, at work, in the […]

African-American man paying for the date. Make More Money Than Your Partner pbs rewire
Don’t Do This If You Make More Money Than Your Partner

Like it or not, money is a sensitive subject for most folks. In our society, it can be […]

Woman receiving a gift from her partner. Income Gap pbs rewire
Love, Money and the Holidays: Balancing an Income Gap

Navigating the expenses of the holidays is hard enough on your own—you have to decide which holiday parties […]

Young Asian woman at a park table with coffee. Hate Being Single pbs rewire
Stop Letting Other People Make You Hate Being Single

If you were to sit down right now and Google the phrase “only single friend,” you’d get one […]