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Photo of African-American couple online shopping together. Wedding Planning pbs rewire
Wedding Planning Before the Proposal? For Many, It’s the Norm.

Allana and Brock Johnson found the perfect outdoor wedding venue in early February 2015, interviewed wedding DJs the […]

Photo of African-American couple talking in bed. STD Talk pbs rewire
Sex, White Lies and the 12% Club: How to Have the STD Talk

Betsy gets tested for sexually transmitted diseases after every new sexual partner. But she still finds it hard […]

Photo of young man laying on the floor daydreaming. Romanticizing Past Relationships pbs rewire
Why Romanticizing Past Relationships Will Ruin Future Ones

It seems we can’t get away from “the one that got away.” Sprayed across books, movies and television […]

Photo of author's grandparents on their wedding day in 1961. Loved One Died pbs rewire
How I Gave My Grief Space When a Loved One Died

We all have different ways of expressing love. My grandpa’s was in what he made. When I moved […]

Photo of young couple sitting on bench while on their smartphones. Partner Won't Post pbs rewire
My Partner Won’t Post Me On Social Media. Does It Matter?

Instagram is the place to show off the best parts of your life. So what does it mean […]

Photo of your gay couple with their foreheads together smiling. Cheated pbs rewire
If One of You Cheated, Is There Hope for Your Relationship?

If it seems like cheating is incredibly common, that’s because it is. According to the American Association for […]

Photo of couple holding their new puppy. Getting a Dog pbs rewire
Consider This Before Getting a Dog With Your Significant Other

There’s a certain danger zone when you’re first in a committed relationship, and it’s one you don’t see […]

Photo of African-American father taking selfie with daughter dressed as princesses. Posting Too Much pbs rewire
Are You Posting Too Much About Your Kids Online?

Courtney Sullivan has one rule for posting photos of her 17-month-old son on social media: would 13-year-old me […]

Photo of diverse group of friends talking at a pub. Partner's Social Needs pbs rewire
Do You Respect Your Partner’s Social Needs?

The homebody. The social butterfly. Introverted. Extroverted. We throw these words around when we are getting to know […]

Photo of two men sitting on a park bench during a first date. pbs rewire
How Much Should You Share On a First Date?

There’s a particularly tense episode of Netflix’s “Dating Around”— a reality show that sends people on a series […]

Photo of couple in bed on smartphones not paying attention to each other. Phubbing pbs rewire
What Chronic ‘Phubbing’ Can Do to Your Relationship

The fact that many of you are reading this right now with your partner next to you at […]

Photo of young Mexican couple eating dinner at a restaurant. Relocate for Love pbs rewire
What to Expect When You Relocate for Love

Long-distance relationships are hard. Anyone who’s ever seen a romantic movie knows that. But can long-distance love ever […]