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Photo of man scrolling through women's online dating profile pictures. pbs rewire
What’s Your Best Face for Online Dating?

According to dating and relationship consultant Damona Hoffman, online dating activity picks up between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, […]

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One Refugee’s Long-Distance Love Story

Tony Nsola couldn’t sleep. In his Chicago apartment, he clutched his phone watching the hours tick past midnight. […]

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How to Balance Relationships and Family During the Holidays

The holiday season summons really happy childhood memories for a lot of people. But, also for a lot of […]

taking selfies
Can Taking Selfies Hurt Your Relationship?

We all strive to be confident in ourselves and project that to the world, but can the same confidence […]

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From AIM to Tinder: 10 Years of Relationships Online

I grew up in a drafty farmhouse in southern Minnesota. My sister was gone to college by the […]

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How LGBTQ Opinions on Relationships Have Changed Since Marriage Equality

The U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 marriage equality ruling — granting the right to marry to same-sex couples nationwide — […]

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Why Being Anonymous Hurts Your Online Dating Efforts

Imagine your average high school romantic entanglement. You like someone. They might like you back. You could just […]

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Forget Work-Life Balance: Let’s Build Something

Here’s a suggestion for my fellow workaholics — let’s move beyond the old platitudes about “work-life balance.” It’s […]

men harmed
Watch Your Back, Guys: Men Harmed More than Women

In the interest of self-preservation, I’ll be avoiding cruise ships, railroad tracks and bridges for the foreseeable future—and […]

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Why Can’t Public Television Fans Have Their Own Dating Site?

If you spend any time watching late night cable television, you are probably familiar with, a dating […]

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The No Phone List: 10 Situations Best Experienced App-less

By now you’ve no doubt seen this viral video go by– called “I Forgot My Phone” and written […]