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Placebo pbs rewire
A Placebo Could Help You Get Over Your Ex

What’s the best way to mend a broken heart? Some would advise you to start dating a new person […]

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How Your Dreams Can Impact Your Relationship

Have you ever had a bad dream about someone and woken up mad at them in real life? Scientists […]

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How to Manage Finances as a Couple, the Healthy Way

Do you make more money than your significant other? Less? About the same? Regardless of how your earnings […]

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Can Tinder Improve Your Relationship With Yourself?

There’s a little frisson of excitement every time you open Tinder. It’s as addictive as Candy Crush and […]

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Yes, You Absolutely Have a ‘Type’

“What’s your type?” We’re asked this often by friends and nosy relatives who want to set us up […]

Photo of man holding his dog while the dog licks his face. Pet pbs rewire
Why You Feel Closer to Your Pet than Your Sibling

Do you love your dog more than your sister? Feel happier eating a meal alongside your cat than next […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Tag Friends in Photos

We’ve all been tempted—you’re digging through a box of old stuff and find an outstanding photo from high […]

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Could ‘Living Apart Together’ Help Couples Thrive?

Young adults are pushing the boundaries when it comes to relationships: we’re meeting each other using apps, getting […]

When You Dont Agree How to Talk About Politics Feature
When You Don’t Agree, How to Talk About Politics

Soon after the election in early November, the internet memes started flying—a lot of young people were dreading […]

'mixed' couples
Why Do ‘Mixed’ Couples Face Discrimination?

If you’ve ever dated someone who was visibly different from you—like a different race or a different age—you’ve […]

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Despite Everything You’ve Heard, Opposites Don’t Actually Attract

Both your mom and years of psychological research have said time and again that “opposites attract.” But by […]

Open Letter
An Open Letter to a Friend I Miss

I called you today, friend. You knew today was the day. The day of the appointment. You told […]