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Are Monogamous Relationships Inherently Better?

If you’re in an exclusive, monogamous relationship, ask yourself why. Is it because you love your person and […]

Why You Feel Bad After a Breakup, and What to Do About It
Why You Feel Bad After a Breakup, and What to Do About It

The beginning of a relationship can be thrilling—you feel ecstasy when your partner is with you and a […]

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Do You Really Know How Your Partner is Feeling?

We all hide our emotions from time to time, and that isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes we […]

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Want to Make a Baby? These Products Can Help

Maybe you’re finally “there:” You and your partner are ready to take the leap from “Let’s avoid pregnancy” […]

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When to Make Your Relationship ‘Facebook Official’

You’ve been seeing this guy for a while now. You’ve both declared your exclusivity to each other, but […]

Someone Else's Shoes pbs rewire
Why Putting Yourself in Someone Else’s Shoes Isn’t the Best Idea

Helping other people is part of everyday life, whether you’re extending a hand to a family member or […]

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Rather Than Your ‘Real’ Self, Be Your Best Self

Bear with me while I get a little deep: Who is the real you? No, seriously, it’s a […]

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How Unbalanced Relationships Affect Your Brain

Have a friend who calls you up every time they have a breakup but is nowhere to be found […]

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Why Divorce is Different for Millennials

When my high school friend Maria married Esteban, we were all 23. As a bridesmaid in their wedding, […]

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A Placebo Could Help You Get Over Your Ex

What’s the best way to mend a broken heart? Some would advise you to start dating a new person […]

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How Your Dreams Can Impact Your Relationship

Have you ever had a bad dream about someone and woken up mad at them in real life? Scientists […]

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How to Manage Finances as a Couple, the Healthy Way

Do you make more money than your significant other? Less? About the same? Regardless of how your earnings […]