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Group of happy friends hang out together Third-Wheel pbs rewire
Third-Wheel Your Way to a Better You

Spring has finally made its way to Earth’s Northern hemisphere, it seems that “cuffing season” has come to […]

African American mother hugging her adult son. Rewire PBS Love Mother's
Give Your Mom the Gift of Intentionality This Mother’s Day

Haven’t found the perfect gift for Mom? Don’t sweat it. Mother’s Day is around the corner, but there’s […]

A young stylish woman using a digital tablet Being Single pbs rewire
The Importance of Being Single

Whether you’re happily or begrudgingly single, spending time uncoupled can be incredibly good for the soul—you can learn […]

Smiling brother and sister Sibling pbs rewire
Does it Feel Like Your Sibling Gets More ‘Help’ Than You?

As we grow up and move out, many of us have the goal of self-sufficiency. But when your […]

Young black couple watching television and looking at phone. Rewire PBS Love Binge Watching
Is Binge-Watching TV Together Good for Your Relationship?

After a busy day at work, getting stressful news or slogging through the monotony of a list of […]

Depression pbs rewire
How to Support a Partner Struggling With Depression

Much of what Rachel* remembers of the major depressive episodes that marked her early and mid-20s is “tangled […]

Talk Finances pbs rewire
Been Dating for a Bit? Time to Talk Finances

There are two things couples don’t like talking about, said relationship researcher Melissa Curran: sex and money. Often, […]

New Relationship pbs rewire
No Need to Play Games in a New Relationship

Ah, the first few weeks of dating. So exciting, but so nerve-wracking. The major question a lot of […]

Parents Dislike pbs rewire
Parents Dislike Your Partner? How to Move Forward

Maybe it’s weird comments, painful silences or holiday cards addressed only to you—whatever the signs, it’s clear your […]

Long-Term Friendship pbs rewire
Should You Save Your Long-Term Friendship?

(This article appeared originally on A Brigham Young University report on 148 studies that included more than 300,000 participants […]

Communication Mistakes pbs rewire
Are These 4 Communication Mistakes Hurting Your Marriage?

(This article appeared originally on You and your spouse are the only people in your marriage, right? […]

rewire pbs listen
Improve Your Relationships by Learning to Listen

(This article appeared originally on Have you ever shared exciting news with your partner and felt like […]