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Depression pbs rewire
How to Support a Partner Struggling With Depression

Much of what Rachel* remembers of the major depressive episodes that marked her early and mid-20s is “tangled […]

Talk Finances pbs rewire
Been Dating for a Bit? Time to Talk Finances

There are two things couples don’t like talking about, said relationship researcher Melissa Curran: sex and money. Often, […]

New Relationship pbs rewire
No Need to Play Games in a New Relationship

Ah, the first few weeks of dating. So exciting, but so nerve-wracking. The major question a lot of […]

Parents Dislike pbs rewire
Parents Dislike Your Partner? How to Move Forward

Maybe it’s weird comments, painful silences or holiday cards addressed only to you—whatever the signs, it’s clear your […]

Long-Term Friendship pbs rewire
Should You Save Your Long-Term Friendship?

(This article appeared originally on A Brigham Young University report on 148 studies that included more than 300,000 participants […]

Communication Mistakes pbs rewire
Are These 4 Communication Mistakes Hurting Your Marriage?

(This article appeared originally on You and your spouse are the only people in your marriage, right? […]

rewire pbs listen
Improve Your Relationships by Learning to Listen

(This article appeared originally on Have you ever shared exciting news with your partner and felt like […]

Helplessness pbs rewire
Overcoming Helplessness When a Loved One is Hospitalized

Having a hospitalized family member often inspires feelings of anxiety, stress and sadness. If you’re trying to balance […]

Healthy Sex Life pbs rewire
To Have a Healthy Sex Life, Know Yourself

When an account of a sexual encounter between actor Aziz Ansari and a young woman who went by […]

Postpartum Depression pbs rewire
Postpartum Depression a Concern for New Dads Too

Becoming a parent, welcoming a child into your life through biology or adoption, comes with many things you […]

Dating Game pbs rewire
How to Get Back in the Dating Game After Heartbreak

As I was graduating from college, I went through a lot of changes. One of them was breaking […]

Problematic Sibling pbs rewire
Should You Break Up With Your Problematic Sibling?

(This article appeared originally on It’s the secret that many Americans don’t like admitting: siblings often have […]