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Considering Kids? What to Know About Genetic Testing

Are you thinking about having kids or have you already conceived? Once you’ve decided to take the plunge, it’s easy to get wrapped up in daydreams about cute onesies or tiny shoes. If you’re a planner, you’ve likely started some shopping lists or to-do lists to keep yourself organized. But there are some decidedly less […]

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Listen, Don’t Look, to Know How Someone’s Really Feeling

Whether it’s a parent, or a boss or even your significant other, you probably have someone in your life who is frustratingly hard to read. It can be a struggle to navigate a conversation when you don’t know how the other person is feeling, and anxiety-inducing when you don’t know where you stand afterward. If […]

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How Social Media Can Prolong Toxic Friendships

Marian’s friendship with Sarah* didn’t start out toxic at all. The girls met at a punk show when they were teenagers, and sort of grew up together, alongside Sarah’s younger sister. The three girls had mutual friends from as far back as grade school. Though Marian and Sarah’s relationship was never contentious when they were […]

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How to Deal With a Hyper-Critical Parent

(This article appeared originally on Rick Sabo couldn’t summon the courage to stand up to his overbearing father until he saw the effects of his dad’s criticism on his own daughter. On a camping trip with Sabo’s dad, Sabo’s 13-year-old daughter, a vegetarian, told her grandpa she couldn’t eat the meat he’d prepared. Sabo […]

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How Do Single Parents Make It Work?

More parents than ever are raising kids and balancing two full-time careers while doing it. But millions of parents are doing that alone—without a co-parent to lean on. Living in a household with one parent—specifically, a mom—is the second-most-common way for a child in the U.S. to be raised. In 23 percent of households, children […]

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How Training Parents Helps Kids With ADHD

If you’re a parent whose child recently received an ADHD diagnosis, or if you’re considering having your child evaluated for ADHD, there are programs out there that can help your child learn to manage their symptoms—and improve your parenting skills, too. Though it can be hard to parse out the symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder—being easily […]

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Millennial Parents Start Families Later, and What That Means

Marriage and parenthood trends are shifting—as they have been for decades. Today, in almost half of U.S. households with children, both parents work full-time. People have higher expectations for marriage and are looking for the perfect fit. And less people than ever are getting married—only 30 percent of millennials name a successful marriage as a […]

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How to Get Your Relationship the Help It Needs

Research on the impact of relationship therapy over the past decade shows that 70 percent of couples that seek counseling benefit from it. But other stats reveal that not many struggling couples get help. Why is that? A team of researchers studied seven couples seeking therapy to find out what hangups they had about getting expert help with their relationship problems. […]

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How to Navigate Holiday Season Stress

Holidays can be chock-full of emotions. The lyrics of songs like “White Christmas” inspire expectations of all things merry and bright. But, for some folks, just thinking about the holidays can evoke anything from stress to utter dread. One major reason? Family. For some of us, just loving our families and wanting to have peaceful […]

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How Online Dating is Changing Society

We know that online dating is changing relationships and marriage—since internet dating services came to be in the 1990s, more and more serious love connections have come out of them. Today, more than one-third of marriages are the product of online encounters. And it’s changed the game for dating as a sexual minority—the internet is now the […]

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Why You Should Say What You Mean

We might think we’re doing people a favor by easing into difficult topics, both at work and in our private lives. But indirect communication is actually not what most people prefer. New research into how we communicate shows that, when it comes to tough talks of any kind, being direct is the better bet. Researchers Alan Manning of […]

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In a Better Place: Inside a Pet Cemetery

The Memorial Pet Cemetery is the oldest pet cemetery in Minnesota. Established in 1924, Memorial Pet Cemetery is the final resting place for an estimated 8,000 cats, dogs, guinea pigs, turtles, tortoises, two brown rats and a parrot. James Wesby has been the caretaker since 1986 and says at 80-years-old that he has “lots of […]