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Photo of a tape measure on a white background. Rewire PBS Love Height
‘Short’ Guys and ‘Tall’ Girls: Why Are We So Hung Up On Height?
'These stereotypes are real. They're very gendered, and they go back basically as far as society has existed.'
A couple is in a disagreement on a couch. REWIRE PBS Love Argument
Keep Having the Same Argument? Here’s How to Solve It
Couples who don't fight might not know how to handle a crisis when it happens.
a woman texts with a smartphone in a city. REWIRE PBS Love texting
Texting Makes It Easy to Overshare. Is That a Good Thing?
Is it bringing you closer to your partner or friend, or is the intimacy all a sham?
Illustration of a woman's hands holding a phone with text message blocks and hearts illustrating the scene. Rewire PBS Love Ex
When Is It a Good Idea to Get Back in Touch With an Ex?
Only do it if you've healed from your breakup.
Photo of a journal open to a blank page on a light pink background. Rewire PBS Love Document
Documenting Your Love Story in a Post-Love Letter World
'If you’re gonna document, document everything, not just the good times.'
A photo of people holding hands in front of a blue and pink background. Rewire PBS Love Politically different.
Can Republicans and Democrats Date Each Other?
The answer used to be yes. But feelings have shifted over the decades.
illustration of a bunch of young adults and one person in the middle, looking sad. Rewire PBS Love Background friend
Being the Background Friend: What It Feels Like, and How to Overcome It
It might be more about your own anxiety than you realize.
A photo of someone looking out their window with Christmas lights outside. Rewire PBS Love Alone
Alone for the Holidays? Here’s How to Enjoy It
There's lots of external pressure to be surrounded by loved ones for the holidays.
A person sits sadly on a couch with a Christmas tree in the background. Rewire PBS Love Traditions
What If Your Family’s Holiday Traditions Don’t Align With Your Values?
'We can redeem old traditions with new traditions.'
A photo of a person sitting against the wall with his head in his hand. Rewire PBS Love Ambiguous Loss
Why ‘Ambiguous Loss’ Makes Grieving Different
Unanswered questions can make a loss even more painful.
A woman is upset as she texts on her phone. REWIRE PBS Love Venting
Is It Just Venting, or Do You Need a Therapist? Here’s the Difference.
And what is emotional labor, anyway?
Two women drink coffee in bed. REWIRE PBS Love Career
Move for a Job, or Stay for Love? How to Choose and Not Regret It
Deciding whether it’s worth the risk isn’t easy, and there’s no right answer for everyone.