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Photo of a couple petting their greyhound dog. Rewire PBS Living Greyhound
One Grateful Greyhound, With 6,000 More Racing to Be Adopted

Greyhound racing seems to be racing into obscurity. In November, Florida residents voted to end the sport in […]

Photo of stressed young adult asian business man looking overwhelmed at his desk in the office. Rewire PBS Living Quarter-life Crisis
Why a Quarter-Life Crisis Might Actually Help You

There wasn’t one particular moment that convinced Randi Howry to hand in her two-week notice. At 25, she […]

Group of women clinking glasses of different types of adult beverages. Alcohol Gender Norms pbs rewire
Wine or Whiskey: The Women Confronting Alcohol Gender Norms

The first woman I met who really liked alcohol, the way foodies appreciate haute cuisine, loved a good […]

Plus size woman shopping in a retail store. Body Positivity pbs rewire
What’s Retail’s Role In Body Positivity?

Rail-thin mannequins, heavily retouched images, sizing that’s too small for even the average American woman. In a conference […]

African-American woman looking at her smartphone on a train platform. Feel Less Lonely pbs rewire
Can Your Smartphone Help You Feel Less Lonely?

Smartphones get a bad rap. They’re making us scroll like zombies! We’re terrified of missing out! We’re anxious […]

Photo of a long-haired woman at the wheel of a car, as seen from the backseat. Rewire PBS Living Women-Only Ridesharing
Where are the Ridesharing Companies for Women?

Laura Swan swore the same car had been trailing her the whole drive home. The 29-year-old was on […]

Hispanic man with headphones looking at his smartphone. Finsta pbs rewire
In Defense of the Finsta: How My Secret Instagram Saved My Sanity

A little more than a year ago, I did something that felt very dramatic. I went dark on […]

Man reading a book in a cafe. Love Reading pbs rewire
5 Ways to Love Reading Again

Reading was my entire personality as a kid. But at 23, I realized I hadn’t read a book […]

Woman recording a food vlog about juicing. Fake Food Science pbs rewire
Fake Food Science Is Everywhere. These Influencers are Trying to Stop It.

Jennifer Lopez did a “no sugar no carbs challenge.” Kylie Jenner is drinking celery juice for breakfast. Gwyneth […]

Woman putting together IKEA furniture. IKEA Habit pbs rewire
Is Your IKEA Habit Bad For The Environment?

Like many of her peers, 26-year-old Emily Elveru’s New York apartment is full of cheap furniture. Nothing cost […]

Photo of Finding Your Roots host Host Henry Louis Gates, Jr. with actress Chloë Sevigny. pbs rewire
Finding Your Roots Takes More Than a Simple Search

Henry Louis Gates Jr. has helped dozens of famous folks fill in the blank pages of their family […]

Two female friends arguing on a couch. Winning an Argument pbs rewire
The Key to Winning an Argument Isn’t What You Think

At some point, you and your unstoppable force of an opinion will meet an immovable, argumentative antagonist. If […]