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Photo of person foraging for oysters in Washington state. pbs rewire
Aw, Shucks: Harvest Your Own Oysters With an Expert Forager

Highway 101 along the Hood Canal in Washington makes for a winding drive, tracing the coastline with misty […]

Photo of man taking a selfie of himself laying on the ground smiling. Authentic on Social Media pbs rewire
Why Your Real Life is Your Best Life on Instagram

I often wonder what a pioneer would think if I let them scroll through my Instagram feed. Sculpted […]

Photo of two women shopping at a bridal expo. Wedding Scammer pbs rewire
The Wedding Scammer: What’s Up With Bridal Expos?

After attending a bridal expo, Jessica Bishop, founder of The Budget Savvy Bride, started getting calls from numbers […]

African-american couple in love cooking vegetarian lunch together in kitchen. Food Compatibility pbs rewire
Finding Food Compatibility with Your Live-in Love

Walking into our local grocery store for the first time after moving in together, John was carrying the […]

Photo of woman holding her cat at vet hospital. Expensive Pet Surgery pbs rewire
Should You Pay Up For That Expensive Pet Surgery?

Getting the news your dog or cat is sick or injured is a nightmare for pet parents — one […]

Photo of woman practicing mindfulness. PTSD pbs rewire
‘Not Defined By Trauma’: How 3 Women Cope With PTSD

Editor’s note: This article contains mentions of suicide and sexual assault. If you or someone you know may […]

Photo of man looking through box of important documents. Organize Those Papers pbs rewire
How to Organize Those Papers You Can’t Get Rid Of

It doesn’t matter how Marie Kondo you’re trying to be. The older you get, the more documents you’re […]

Photo of woman reading bad news on smartphone intently. pbs rewire
Why Your Brain Craves Bad News

I was sitting at my cubicle, in a crowded office, when news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School […]

Photo of woman throwing most of a salad in the trash. Stop Wasting Food pbs rewire
How to Stop Wasting Food as a Single Person

The Onion only parodies things that are relatable enough to instantly get the joke. So as a single […]

Photo of a young man levitating over bed. Rewire Living PBS More Sleep
How More Sleep Can Turn You Into a Creative Genius

Sleep keeps the heart healthy, stress at bay, memory in tact and mental health afloat. But, on top […]

Photo of someone's Stick-and-Poke tattoo on their forearm. pbs rewire
Stick-and-Poke Tattoo Culture Isn’t What You Think

If the term “stick-and-poke” conjures images of regretful drunken evenings that end with college roommates scratching peace signs […]

Photo of a group of people sitting in chairs along a wall, all reading and smiling. Rewire Living Reading Benefits PBS
How Reading Benefits Your Mental Health and Your Career

Katerina Canyon tries to read a book a week. But it’s not something she does just for fun. At […]