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Hand holding natural solid shampoo bar on background of bamboo brush, deodorant, sponge on white wood with green monstera leaves. Rewire PBS Living Plastic
4 Companies Trying to Help You Use Less Plastic
Even replacing just a couple items in your house with plastic-free alternatives is a great start.
An old, rusty car pbs rewire living old car
Is It Time to Get Rid of Your Old Car?
Rust, dry-rotted rubber, leaky fuel line — all things to think about when evaluating your old car.
African American person sitting sadly on a bench. Rewire PBS Living Daily Suicidal Thoughts
What It’s Like to Live With Daily Suicidal Thoughts
One rule of thumb: Don't dismiss any mention of suicide.
Photo cropped to show someone's hands working on a car's engine. Rewire PBS Living Mechanic
When (and How) to Say No to Your Mechanic
If you feel pressured to go forward with a repair, pump the brakes.
Paper tissue box with used tissues over light blue background rewire pbs living lonely
Why Change Makes Us Feel So Lonely
Your routine is a lot more comforting than you know.
A young male patient is listening to a female psychologist. Rewire PBS Living Therapist
How to Know If Your Therapist is a Good Fit
Therapists are not one-size-fits-all.
A transgender woman in a hospital gown having a conversation with a doctor. Rewire PBS Living Patient Rights
Do You Know Your Patient Rights at a Hospital?
First of all, you have the right to be respected when you're receiving care.
Does Grocery Shopping Stress You Out? Try These Tips
First step: Never go without a list.
College graduates line up in black hats. Rewire PBS Living graduation
Starting Your Last Year of College? Here’s What You Need to Know
You don’t have to get things exactly right. But don't tune out.
Small bottle of CBD oil surrounded by leaves on wood table.
There’s a ‘Wealth Gap’ in the CBD Industry. Can it be Fixed?
'It’s a problem, it’s a big problem. There’s not really a lot of incentive to do anything about it.'
Photo of a young woman at a protest, extending her hand in a peace sign. Rewire PBS Our Future Protest
These Are Your Rights at a Protest
You can't be punished for what you say, even if it's controversial.
Photo of woman consoling her female friend. PTSD After Shootings pbs rewire
Experiencing PTSD After Shootings, Even If You Weren’t There, is Normal
Try to take repeated breaks from the news coverage and social media.