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musical film
The Rise and Fall (and Rise Again?) of Musical Film

It might be a toe-tapping, jazz-handed renaissance. “La La Land” swept the Golden Globes last night and has been […]

new year
The Perfect New Year’s Eve Cocktail, No Matter How You Spend Your Night

‘Tis the season for celebratory cocktails! No matter what you are up to for NYE—whether you’re staying home […]

capsule wardrobe pbs rewire
Try a ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ and Have Fun Learning to Live With Less

If you’re at all attuned to the “living with less” movement that is slowly taking over the Interwebs, […]

not sleeping pbs rewire
Reasons Why You’re Not Sleeping and What to Do About It

This article appeared originally on Next Avenue. Did you get a full eight hours of sleep last night? […]

gift-giving myths
Science Busts Common Gift-Giving Myths

This holiday season, are you thinking about gifting a loved one a vacuum cleaner or gym membership but worry […]

receiving gifts
How Receiving Gifts Can Impact Your Self-Image

Once in a while you read something that reminds you how weird the human brain really is. Get ready for […]

fun mail
This Holiday, Give the Gift of Fun Mail

It wasn’t too long ago that I found myself with a mountain of empty boxes from online retailers awaiting […]

holiday shopping sustainable
Ways to Make Holiday Shopping Sustainable and Stylish

A little over a year ago, I watched a documentary called “The True Cost,” and it transformed me forever. […]

bad first impressions
Why Bad First Impressions Stick Longer Than Good Ones

Have you ever had a weird run-in with someone that forever makes you feel a little uneasy when […]

million dollars
Look Like a Million Dollars at Your Holiday Office Party

Picking an outfit for your workplace’s winter soiree can be challenging. You wanna wear something more memorable than […]

pumpkin pie pbs rewire
Pumpkin Pie in a Jar: Easy, Delish and 100 Percent Vegan

Well, Thanksgiving is here again and you’ve been asked to bring dessert to this year’s gathering. Your first reaction was […]

Thanksgiving pbs rewire
What to Wear When You Meet Your S.O.’s Parents Over Thanksgiving

So. Things are getting serious. Serious enough that your significant other is dragging … ahem, bringing you along […]