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Rewire Eats: Grilled Peach Salsa

As a taco enthusiast, I’m always looking for ways to put a new twist on an old classic. […]

ginger chicken pbs rewire
Rewire Eats: Life-Affirming Ginger Chicken

We’re all here for a reason. Recently, I’ve been wondering if my reason is to eat delicious food […]

Rewire Eats: Just In Time For Fall—Sweet, Smooth Squash Soup

There’s this place a few blocks away from the office that serves up a pretty delightful curry butternut […]

Rewire Eats: How ’bout Them Apples?

Truth: I feel like I’m getting a complex that I have a reputation for sharing only the easy-peasiest […]

Rewire Eats: Kale Slaw To Keep You Healthy And Hip

Kale is having a moment. Even though the leafy green has been consumed since Roman times, kale has […]

Rewire Eats: Sweet A** Potato Fries

Any proper food snob will tell you that sweet potato fries are much better for you than regular […]

Rewire Eats: Cool as a Cucumber…Salad

Let me start by saying, you’re welcome. I’m about to share with you what is possibly the easiest […]

Coleslaw pbs rewire
Rewire Eats: No-Mayo Coleslaw Is No Problem

Growing up, I thought mayonnaise was the grossest thing ever. I’d see a jar of it at the store […]

Rewire Eats: Fresh Raspberry Pie

(Eighth in a series of PBS Food recipes that we’re trying out.) Let’s face it: pie is delicious. […]

Photo of Dairy-free Stuffed Shells. pbs rewire
Rewire Eats: Dairy-free Spinach Stuffed Shells, the Delicious & Crafty Im-pasta

(Seventh in a series of PBS Food recipes that we’re trying out.) — I had some misgivings about […]

Watermelon Feta Salad pbs rewire
Rewire Eats: Opposites Attract With This Watermelon Feta Salad

This edition of Rewire Eats is an ode to all the odd couples out there. Just like Lucy […]

Rewire Eats: Greek Chickpea Pasta Salad

(Fifth in a series of PBS Food recipes that we’re trying out.) According to PBS Food, this recipe […]