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An improv group practicing. Rewire PBS Living Improv Comedy
How Improv Comedy Helped Me Confront My Social Anxiety
Improv got me out of my comfort zone and helped me get comfortable with thinking on my feet.
Two women hugging in the street. Rewire PBS Living Helping others
How Helping Others Can Improve Your Life, Too
Giving back can trigger endorphins in your brain and give you a sense of purpose.
A man listening to headphones. Rewire PBS Living Audiobooks
Audiobooks Aren’t ‘Cheating.’ Here’s Why.
Audiobooks and podcasts can be great alternatives if books aren’t your thing
Woman drinking tea and reading a book. Rewire PBS Living alone time
Why You Need to Schedule Some Alone Time
The more often you do it, the less weird or lazy it'll feel.
A check engine light. rewire pbs living car
When Do I Really Need to Take My Car to the Shop?
Don't freak out the next time a dash light comes on.
A woman in bed holds her hands over her face. Rewire PBS Living Obsessive Thoughts
Why You Have Obsessive Thoughts, and What to Do About Them
Intrusive thoughts are a common for people struggling with chronic stress, mental illness and trauma.
Mozzarella cheese on a wood cutting board. Rewire PBS Living Mozzarella
You — Yes, You — Can Make Your Own Cheese
Why let the homebrew people have all the fun?
A family of four. The parents have the kids on their shoulders. Rewire PBS Living Suicide
How Social Media Has Made Us More Willing to Talk About Suicide
'I wish Denny had seen someone else's video. But since he didn't, I'm grateful that I've been able to stop other families from losing someone.'
Katlynn Goodsell sits on a couch. Rewire PBS Living Diabetes
Here’s What it’s Like to Lose Your Vision from Diabetes — at Age 22
Talking about it helped Katlynn Goodsell work through her feelings.
Line drawing on white background of three clasped hands. Rewire PBS Living Suicide
Colleges Are Training Students to Help Peers at Risk for Suicide
The programs hope to end the awkward silence around suicide in young adults.
Black and white photograph of a young man wearing a bow tie. Rewire PBS Living Speech Impediment
How I Learned to Embrace My Speech Impediment
I didn't acknowledge my stutter to friends until my 20s.
Two people hug. Rewire PBS Living Artificial Intelligence
How AI Is Helping to Detect Suicide Risk in LGBTQ Youth, Veterans
'LGBTQ youth in crisis deserve the best care that can be provided to them.'