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a woman lights a cannabis marijuana weed joint. REWIRE PBS Living Weed
Is Weed Really a Good Alternative to Alcohol?
Marijuana's taboo has faded. But it still comes with health risks.
Photo of someone running, as seen from knees down. Rewire PBS Living Exercise culture
How to Beat Social Media’s Competitive Exercise Culture
Even the most athletic folks can get discouraged by what they see on Instagram.
A photograph of very old grave markers. Rewire PBS Living Funeral
Millennials Aren’t Killing the Funeral Industry — But It is Changing
We haven’t figured out immortality, so it’s important to discuss the inevitable.
Person looking through snow covered car windshield. Living Winter Car Care Rewire PBS
Should I Pour Hot Water on My Icy Windshield? Debunking Winter Car Care Myths
Definitely don't do that! Blast the defroster or try a glass deicer.
A photograph of a person with their eyes closed Rewire PBS Living Mantras
The Psychology Behind Why Mantras Make Us Feel Better
During tough times, reciting comforting phrases can be curative, research shows.
Photo looking down into a pressure cooker full of fresh ingredients. Rewire PBS Living Instant Pot
How My Instant Pot Helped Me Waste Less Food and Money
Destigmatizing the pressure cooker, one recipe at a time
Plastic recycling ready for resale in a facility in Manassas VA. PBS REWIRE Our Future Plastic
4 Ways to Reduce the Amount of Plastic You Use
Instead of thinking recycling-first, reduce your use.
A car door with the key in the lock. Rewire PBS Living Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
What It’s Really Like to Live With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
It's more nuanced than the stereotypes.
A record collection. Rewire PBS Living New Music
Sciencey Reasons You Should Listen to New Music
Most people stop seeking out new music around their 28th birthdays.
A woman signs a health insurance form at a doctor's office. REWIRE PBS Living Health Insurance
First Time Signing Up for Health Insurance? 4 Things to Consider
It doesn't need to be confusing.
Pillows and blankets on a mattress covered by a white sheet. Rewire PBS Living Cuffing
5 Better Ways to Spend Cuffing Season
Avoid the Netflix-and-chill doldrums and get inspired instead.
Photo of some putting a for sale sign on a car. Rewire PBS Living old car
Ready to Upgrade? How to Sell (or Donate) an Old Car
It's tempting to trade in your car, but you'll likely get a lot less money that way.