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a woman talks to a doctor. REWIRE PBS Living Advocate Doctor
How You Can Advocate for Yourself at the Doctor’s Office
Sometimes doctors just don’t have time to listen.
Photo of A person holding a cellphone. Rewire PBS Living Suicide Prevention
Why the 3-Digit Suicide Hotline Matters
More than 1 in 10 young adults report having suicidal thoughts.
a home with a for sale sign. REWIRE PBS Living buying
Why Buying Is Not Always Smarter Than Renting
Conventional wisdom says you should always buy. But is it really that simple?
Photo of a young woman in profile, staring off into the distance. Rewire PBS Living Stories
Job Changes Start With Goodbye: An Editor’s Note
I'm moving on from Rewire. Here are some of my favorite things I've written.
Ani Janzen is the founder of Radical Health Alliance, a Minneapolis-based public health organization. Rewire PBS Living Fitness
Meet the Folks Working to Make Fitness for Every Body
'I think everyone deserves to have access to movement that makes them happy.'
Cropped photo of a police officer taking notes. Rewire PBS Living Police
What Are Your Rights When Police Are at Your Door?
'Before I knew it, there was an officer in the kitchen asking me for my name and ID.'
a man is nervous about medical symptom. REWIRE PBS Living medical anxiety
Don’t Google Your Symptoms: Why We Get Medical Anxiety
One-third of Americans regularly google medical symptoms. But the results aren’t always helpful.
Photo of store fronts on an older Main Street. Rewire, PBS Living Small Town
The Upside to Going Small: Moving From a Big City to a Small Town
'Being part of a community can be wonderful, but it’s also important to find sanctuaries for yourself.'
Photo of two men in a restaurant kitchen, smiling and holding prepared plates of food. Rewire PBS Living Jamal Hashi
Chef Jamal Hashi Serves Up Somali Food With a Global Perspective
Hashi brings a taste of Somalia to Minnesota in his cooking.
a woman is sad seeing negative social media. REWIRE PBS Living Facebook groups
Facebook Groups: Toxic Echo Chambers or Modern-Day Communities?
For better or for worse, Facebook brings us together like never before.
A photo of lots of people walking on a crowded city street. Rewire PBS Living Move
I Survived My Move From Small Town to Big City, and You Can Too
'It's OK to feel like you made the worst mistake ever.'
a photo of beets at a farmers market. Rewire PBS Living Farmers Markets
What Farmers Markets Do for Urban Neighborhoods
In Baltimore, farmers markets provide opportunities for entrepreneurship.