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Top Reasons More Young Adults Are Taking Cruises

In 2015, the average cruiser was 49 years old, married, employed full-time and had a six-figure income. The demographics have changed a lot in a short time–no longer are cruises seen only as vacation options for wealthy older middle-aged folks and retirees. Today, young adults can also be seen roaming cruise ship decks. As reported […]

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Green Living Techniques To Save You Money

When Peter Kalmus was in graduate school for physics, James Hansen, known as the father of climate change awareness, spoke to his department. Hansen told the students that the earth was going to keep warming until an energy imbalance was rectified. That was when the seriousness of climate change hit Kalmus, he said. Before that, […]

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Street Art: Tiny Mouse Doors in the City

Mows510 is the artist behind the tiny mouse doors that have been bringing joy to cities around the world. After discovering street art in the late 90’s, Mows spent over a decade as a super fan. He traveled across the globe, photographing and chronicling the mysterious culture of guerrilla art. Mows tells the story behind how he turned his obsession into his craft.

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Seek Out This Type of Green Space in the City

Our planet is getting increasingly urban. More than 80 percent of the U.S. population now lives in a city, according to Census numbers. And by 2050, more than 70 percent of the world population is expected to be living in an urban environment. As more and more people are packed into expanding cities, green space […]

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Can You Make Your Own Happiness?

With many millennials abandoning the “traditional,” idealized life path of college, job, marriage, kids, retirement, traditional measures of what it means to be successful have been abandoned, too. For lots of us, the goal isn’t to work our way up the ladder at work. Rather than trying to reach a certain rung, we’re gauging success by something else—happiness. Is happiness […]

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Billy Bragg and Wayne Kramer Teach Music to People in Jail

In 1977, The Clash recorded a song called “Jail Guitar Doors.” In its opening line, the track refers to the drug arrest of MC5 guitarist and vocalist Wayne Kramer. MC5, the Detroit band founded in 1964 by Kramer and Fred “Sonic” Smith, didn’t sell a ton of records, but its raw, energized music and politically radical lyrics […]

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Want to Start a Workout Routine? Try 1 Hour Per Week

The winter months can make it harder to start a workout routine, especially if you live in the northern regions and all you want to do is hide inside under the covers or if you’re not someone who typically enjoys getting physical in the first place. The irony is that winter is also a time when a […]

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8 Hardy Houseplants for Inattentive Gardeners

Starting in my freshman dorm with a cactus that I watered to death, I have waged a war of destruction against perfectly innocent houseplants. Succulents, cacti, palms, Chia Pets—all have perished at my hands. This personality flaw is especially apparent when I visit my childhood home. My mom’s perfect houseplants—she has a succulent display that […]

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Building the Best Haunted House, According to Science

The sun is setting on Friday, Oct. 13, and the deranged mutants inside the Realm of Terror are getting restless. Groans, shrieks and cackling laughter percolate through the room as a demon in a bloodied nightgown snarls and paces, anxious to begin. Nearby, ooze burbles from the mouth of a bloodsmeared mutant and a satanic priest in […]

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Cohousing: Is it right for you?

Cohousing is the term for an intentional community of unrelated folks who live together—either in the same building or on the same land—and share the responsibility of maintaining the place they live. To learn more about how people in cohousing communities resolve problems click here.

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Reading My Coming Out Diaries

Rewire’s web editor reads her own journal entries spanning her coming out process—from denial to the aftermath of a difficult conversation. Want to know more on what it’s like coming out? Check this out.