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Woman recording a food vlog about juicing. Fake Food Science pbs rewire
Fake Food Science Is Everywhere. These Influencers are Trying to Stop It.

Jennifer Lopez did a “no sugar no carbs challenge.” Kylie Jenner is drinking celery juice for breakfast. Gwyneth […]

Woman putting together IKEA furniture. IKEA Habit pbs rewire
Is Your IKEA Habit Bad For The Environment?

Like many of her peers, 26-year-old Emily Elveru’s New York apartment is full of cheap furniture. Nothing cost […]

Photo of Finding Your Roots host Host Henry Louis Gates, Jr. with actress Chloë Sevigny. pbs rewire
Finding Your Roots Takes More Than a Simple Search

Henry Louis Gates Jr. has helped dozens of famous folks fill in the blank pages of their family […]

Two female friends arguing on a couch. Winning an Argument pbs rewire
The Key to Winning an Argument Isn’t What You Think

At some point, you and your unstoppable force of an opinion will meet an immovable, argumentative antagonist. If […]

Photo of a woman looking frustrated, with her head in her hands. A man is in the foreground reading a paper the woman is staring at. Rewire PBS Living Mindset
Change Your Mindset to Own Your Job, Relationships and More

Most of us have probably had that one math teacher, the kind who loves to assign problems that […]

outstretched hand holding a succulent plant. Rewire PBS Living Indoor Plants
Why Indoor Plants are a Trend You Should Buy Into

‘Tis the season of binging Netflix and avoiding the frigid outdoors. But with 90 percent of our lives spent inside, according […]

african american hipster girl choosing clothes in shopping mall, boutique shopping concept Rewire PBS Fast Fashion
Fast Fashion is Bad for Us. Here’s Why We Can’t Kick It.

When a garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh in April 2013, killing more than 1,000 people, some believed it would […]

Young woman working on watercolor painting. Childhood Hobbies pbs rewire
Rediscovering Childhood Hobbies Can Make You Happier Today

It’s amazing to think about all of the things we were obsessed with as kids, only to wake […]

Group of friends drinking beer, with one friend drinking water. Sober Curious pbs rewire
Why Some People are Getting ‘Sober Curious’

Ruby Warrington first got drunk when she was 14 years old. Two decades later, after years as a journalist […]

Woman swabbing her mouth for a home DNA kit. DNA Ancestry Kits pbs rewire
DNA Ancestry Kits: The Risks to Consider Before You Spit

Spit in a vial, pay $200, wait a few weeks. You might find out you have a large […]

Photo of woman using induction cooking to make food. pbs rewire
Induction Cooking is Eco-Friendly, But Can We Afford It?

If you’re a kitchen nerd, maybe you’ve heard of them: fossil fuel-free, space-age stovetops that cook your food […]

Man taping a box with fragile tape. Downsizing pbs rewire
Practical Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Apartment

The average American home is 2,500 square feet. Aimee Olson’s is just 180. She shares an RV with […]