10 Travel Apps to Simplify Vacation Planning
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We all deserve a vacation. It doesn’t matter if you work 9 to 5, part-time or are still in school—if you didn’t travel or have a staycation over the summer, it’s time to take a break this fall.    While being a workaholic can be productive and make your boss happy, it can also be damaging

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Why You Should Quit Soda, and How to Do It
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People in the U.S. are buying less soda than ever. For the past 12 years, sales have been on the decline as consumers quit soda, purchasing more bottled water and healthier drinks, according to Fortune. If you love soda (or pop, if you’re from the Mid- or Northwest) and drink it regularly, chances are you’ve been told it’s

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Health Insurance is Changing for Same-Sex Couples
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This article appeared originally on NextAvenue.org. Unmarried same-sex couples looking for domestic partner health care benefits might be surprised this open enrollment season, which runs from Nov. 1 to Dec. 15, 2017, especially if they work for small- or medium-size employers. Ever since same-sex marriage became legal across the country in 2015, growing numbers of employers

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Eenie, Meenie, Emoji: Why We Type What We Type
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Emoji culture is all around us. Little kids are having poop emoji-themed birthdays, peaches and eggplants have taken on entirely new meanings and everyone has their own favorite (the Rewire team just added emoji personas to our names on Slack, which was exciting). The “tears of joy” emoji is one of the most popular out

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Need to Declutter? Try This, Science Says
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Thrifting is one of my favorite hobbies. But if you do it as often as I do, you’ll end up with more stuff than you know what to do with, even if you got it all for a bargain. That’s why I made some rules for myself. If I’m bringing new stuff into my house,

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This Simple Practice Can Help Fight Addiction
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Addiction can take hold in as little as hours or days and hang around for months or years—even a lifetime. Taking steps to confront an addiction is as difficult as it is admirable. There are lots of methods and treatments out there for kicking a harmful habit, even a slew of helpful apps to keep

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How Men and Women Experience Depression Differently
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Depression affects a lot of people. In 2014, almost 16 million adults in the U.S. went through at least one depressive episode, making depression one of the country’s most common mental health problems, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. And though there are clear symptoms of depression, each person is affected a little

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What People Really Think of Your Bumper Stickers
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Think about the last time you were stopped in standstill traffic that seemed mercilessly frozen, with no end in sight. As the minutes ticked by, you were in the midst of a shared experience that dozens and maybe even hundreds of strangers were also having. When the traffic picked up again, however, it’s likely you left without knowing anything about them as

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Holding Your Smartphone Makes it Harder to Think
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Where do you keep your phone while you’re at work or school? If you keep it within arm’s reach, you might not be performing your tasks to the best of your ability, even when it’s turned off. That seems silly—people who work at a desk likely keep their phone nearby so they can check it

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Do You Know Your Rights as a Renter?
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Regardless of whether you’re looking to rent or buy your next home, finding the best available option is stressful. Across the country, vacancy rates are low and affordable rental housing is hard to find. That can leave you feeling like you just need to take what’s available to you and put up with a less-than-ideal

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