Try a ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ and Have Fun Learning to Live With Less
capsule wardrobe

If you’re at all attuned to the “living with less” movement that is slowly taking over the Interwebs, you’ve likely heard the term “capsule wardrobe.” But you might still be wondering what the term truly means, so here’s the soundbyte: A capsule wardrobe is a set of clothes that you choose from within your existing […]

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Ways to Make Holiday Shopping Sustainable and Stylish
holiday shopping sustainable

A little over a year ago, I watched a documentary called “The True Cost,” and it transformed me forever. I love fashion, believe personal style can be a major creative outlet and adore shopping, but, after seeing this film, I knew I had to change my ways. I pledged to never again buy any clothing, shoes or accessories that […]

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Look Like a Million Dollars at Your Holiday Office Party
million dollars

Picking an outfit for your workplace’s winter soiree can be challenging. You wanna wear something more memorable than your typical office duds, but not so memorable that people will be gossiping about it for years to come. You want to look festive and fun, but still make it clear to the higher-ups that you’re a […]

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What to Wear When You Meet Your S.O.’s Parents Over Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving pbs rewire

So. Things are getting serious. Serious enough that your significant other is dragging … ahem, bringing you along to Thanksgiving dinner. You love your S.O. with your whole heart, and are desperate to make a good impression at this family affair. So what the heck are you gonna wear? Answer: Something simple, comfortable and 100 […]

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3 Genderless Halloween Costumes for the Deeply Lazy

My friend Megan’s birthday is on Halloween, so every year she throws a massive costume party. And every year, two things keep me from attending: The fact that I’m unbearably awkward at parties, and the fact that I never, EVER get a costume together in time. This article won’t help you (or me) become a […]

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Making Cents: Five Frugal Fashion Tips for the Holidays

Let’s be real: The holiday season is a giant, sucking black hole for your money. Between hostess gifts, decorations, party grub, family gifts, Secret Santa at the office, and a new dress for winter parties, there’s hardly anything left to sink into a guaranteed-winner for the Ugly Sweater Contest. It can be tempting to shop […]

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All in the Details: The Stylish Miss Fisher and Her Enviable Accessories

When you think of Roaring Twenties-era fashion, you likely envision drop-waist dresses, long-line jackets, glittery gowns, and perhaps a face-framing cloche hat. The ladies of Downton Abbey have showcased all of these iconic styles over the course of several seasons, and since they’re wealthy aristocrats you’d expect their ensembles to be the height of fashion. […]

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Beautiful Fashion on the New Season of Mr. Selfridge

Harry Selfridge may have chosen to build his now-legendary department store at the “unfashionable” end of Oxford Street, but once established his flagship offered the latest and most covetable styles to all comers. The early twentieth century was a fast-changing and tumultuous time for fashion, as evidenced by costume shifts from Season 1 to Season […]

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Planning a Trip? Shop Local the Rick Steves Way
figurine with suitcase

Sure, summer vacation season may be winding down, but as renowned travel expert and PBS host Rick Steves would point out, it’s nearly “shoulder season!” (Think: travel for cheaper.) Regardless of timing, I’d recommend consulting Rick’s handy packing list to fill your suitcase with only the most versatile and necessary items. Here’s where to find all […]

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What Would Mister Rogers Wear? Ideas for a Cardigan-Inspired Spring Wardrobe
spring wardrobe

Fred Rogers knew the value of signature style, sticking to his iconic cardigans, button-front shirts, ties, and Keds for virtually every episode of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” (Did you know his mom hand-knit every one of his sweaters? Amazing.) On the anniversary of  his historic testimony before the U.S. Senate, we thought we’d celebrate with a […]

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From Shabby to Chic, the Evolution of Nurse Uniforms in ‘Call the Midwife’
Nurse Uniforms

Most medical dramas highlight the the egos, personalities, and life-saving talents of surgeons and doctors. But the BBC’s sleeper hit “Call the Midwife”–based on the best-selling memoirs of the late Jennifer Worth–puts the focus squarely on a group of skilled nurses specializing in obstetrics. Set in London’s East End in the late ’50s, this series […]

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PBS Icons and the Outfits that Changed the World
PBS Icons

The fashion industry is notoriously novelty-hungry. It often raises up garments and trends that are more outlandish than innovative. And yet Anna Wintour has her iconic sheath dresses, Michael Kors never veers from jeans and black tees and Donna Karan is eternally swathed in floaty, drapey layers. The tastemakers themselves know the value of signature […]

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