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capsule wardrobe pbs rewire
Try a ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ and Have Fun Learning to Live With Less

If you’re at all attuned to the “living with less” movement that is slowly taking over the Interwebs, […]

holiday shopping sustainable
Ways to Make Holiday Shopping Sustainable and Stylish

A little over a year ago, I watched a documentary called “The True Cost,” and it transformed me forever. […]

million dollars
Look Like a Million Dollars at Your Holiday Office Party

Picking an outfit for your workplace’s winter soiree can be challenging. You wanna wear something more memorable than […]

Thanksgiving pbs rewire
What to Wear When You Meet Your S.O.’s Parents Over Thanksgiving

So. Things are getting serious. Serious enough that your significant other is dragging … ahem, bringing you along […]

3 Genderless Halloween Costumes for the Deeply Lazy

My friend Megan’s birthday is on Halloween, so every year she throws a massive costume party. And every […]

Frugal Fashion pbs rewire
Making Cents: Five Frugal Fashion Tips for the Holidays

Let’s be real: The holiday season is a giant, sucking black hole for your money. Between hostess gifts, […]

All in the Details: The Stylish Miss Fisher and Her Enviable Accessories

When you think of Roaring Twenties-era fashion, you likely envision drop-waist dresses, long-line jackets, glittery gowns, and perhaps […]

Beautiful Fashion on the New Season of Mr. Selfridge

Harry Selfridge may have chosen to build his now-legendary department store at the “unfashionable” end of Oxford Street, […]

figurine with suitcase
Planning a Trip? Shop Local the Rick Steves Way

Sure, summer vacation season may be winding down, but as renowned travel expert and PBS host Rick Steves […]

spring wardrobe
What Would Mister Rogers Wear? Ideas for a Cardigan-Inspired Spring Wardrobe

Fred Rogers knew the value of signature style, sticking to his iconic cardigans, button-front shirts, ties, and Keds […]

Nurse Uniforms
From Shabby to Chic, the Evolution of Nurse Uniforms in ‘Call the Midwife’

Most medical dramas highlight the the egos, personalities, and life-saving talents of surgeons and doctors. But the BBC’s […]

PBS Icons
PBS Icons and the Outfits that Changed the World

The fashion industry is notoriously novelty-hungry. It often raises up garments and trends that are more outlandish than […]