How to Navigate Holiday Season Stress
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Holidays can be chock-full of emotions. The lyrics of songs like “White Christmas” inspire expectations of all things merry and bright. But, for some folks, just thinking about the holidays can evoke anything from stress to utter dread. One major reason? Family. For some of us, just loving our families and wanting to have peaceful […]

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How Tuberculosis Made Edgar Allan Poe Famous
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What image does Edgar Allan Poe evoke for you? Ravens? Coffins? Memories of literature class? A terrible fear of being buried alive (in dirt or homework)?  An upcoming episode of “American Masters” on PBS hammers out discrepancies between the Poe that society has come to know and the Poe who once lived. (And stars Denis O’Hare of “American Horror Story” as the master of horror […]

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Fixing Your Computer is Easier Than You Think 
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The cliché “knowledge is power” exists for a reason. When something goes wrong with our computers, many of us don’t know enough to determine if they’re DOA or just need a little TLC to get back up and running.  Tom Gilmore is in the business of fixing up computers that previous owners mistook for lost causes.  […]

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Net Zero: The Future of Home Design?
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Imagine a future where homes create as much energy as they consume, helping their owners save money on energy bills while also reducing the impact of their homes on the environment.   That future might be here for some homeowners. Zero energy, or net zero, homes are a relatively new option in the housing market. This […]

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Who Makes Your Medical Decisions When You Can’t?
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You have your whole life ahead of you—but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be planning for the worst. Joanne Caye, an author of “When Their World Falls Apart: Helping Families and Children Manage the Effects of Disasters,” said many young adults haven’t prepared for the off chance they’re unable to make medical decisions for themselves, like if they’re incapacitated by a car […]

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When Should You Toss Those Leftovers?
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You’re rummaging through your fridge, looking for something to eat for dinner. You come across leftover takeout—but you can’t remember when you ordered it. Was it a few days ago or a couple weeks ago? Is eating this a bad idea? The same goes for packaged products you bought from the grocery store. They have “sell […]

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Climate Change Could Ground Your Next Flight
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Sweltering temperatures grounded more than 40 flights in Phoenix earlier this summer. And that was no fluke—we can expect these effects to worsen until we get a handle on climate change, said Ethan Coffel, a doctoral student studying climate change impacts at Columbia University. That’s right—even air travel is impacted by our planet’s rising temperatures. Here’s what researchers say we can expect to change […]

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Are You Sure Your Tap Water is Safe to Drink?
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Safe drinking water isn’t a given. If we’re accustomed to drinking water straight from the tap without getting sick, it can be easy to forget that.   But a recent report from the Center for Public Integrity highlights the harsh reality of drinking water contamination: In the past 10 years, nearly one of every five people living in the U.S. have consumed water that’s potentially unsafe.  Developing awareness of water quality […]

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What People Really Think of Your Bumper Stickers
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Think about the last time you were stopped in standstill traffic that seemed mercilessly frozen, with no end in sight. As the minutes ticked by, you were in the midst of a shared experience that dozens and maybe even hundreds of strangers were also having. When the traffic picked up again, however, it’s likely you left without knowing anything about them as […]

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Can Relationship Goals Hold You Back at Work?
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Most of us have seen it or at least heard of it: Someone downplaying their ambitions, talents or strength because they don’t want to put off a person they’re attracted to. It can be as simple as someone pretending they aren’t able to lift a heavy object to boost another person’s ego. It can also be as damaging […]

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Do You Know Your Rights as a Renter?
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Regardless of whether you’re looking to rent or buy your next home, finding the best available option is stressful. Across the country, vacancy rates are low and affordable rental housing is hard to find. That can leave you feeling like you just need to take what’s available to you and put up with a less-than-ideal […]

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These Robotic Shorts Make Running Easier
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Do you dream of having superhuman abilities to run faster and farther, or simply to get through the day more easily? A team of researchers developed robotic shorts that act as a second set of hip extensor muscles, reducing the amount of energy runners expend by as much as 5.4 percent. Here’s how the team of scientists created these […]

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