Climate Change Could Ground Your Next Flight
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Sweltering temperatures grounded more than 40 flights in Phoenix earlier this summer. And that was no fluke—we can expect these effects to worsen until we get a handle on climate change, said Ethan Coffel, a doctoral student studying climate change impacts at Columbia University. That’s right—even air travel is impacted by our planet’s rising temperatures. Here’s what researchers say we can expect to change

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Are You Sure Your Tap Water is Safe to Drink?
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Safe drinking water isn’t a given. If we’re accustomed to drinking water straight from the tap without getting sick, it can be easy to forget that.   But a recent report from the Center for Public Integrity highlights the harsh reality of drinking water contamination: In the past 10 years, nearly one of every five people living in the U.S. have consumed water that’s potentially unsafe.  Developing awareness of water quality

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What People Really Think of Your Bumper Stickers
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Think about the last time you were stopped in standstill traffic that seemed mercilessly frozen, with no end in sight. As the minutes ticked by, you were in the midst of a shared experience that dozens and maybe even hundreds of strangers were also having. When the traffic picked up again, however, it’s likely you left without knowing anything about them as

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Can Relationship Goals Hold You Back at Work?
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Most of us have seen it or at least heard of it: Someone downplaying their ambitions, talents or strength because they don’t want to put off a person they’re attracted to. It can be as simple as someone pretending they aren’t able to lift a heavy object to boost another person’s ego. It can also be as damaging

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Do You Know Your Rights as a Renter?
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Regardless of whether you’re looking to rent or buy your next home, finding the best available option is stressful. Across the country, vacancy rates are low and affordable rental housing is hard to find. That can leave you feeling like you just need to take what’s available to you and put up with a less-than-ideal

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These Robotic Shorts Make Running Easier
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Do you dream of having superhuman abilities to run faster and farther, or simply to get through the day more easily? A team of researchers developed robotic shorts that act as a second set of hip extensor muscles, reducing the amount of energy runners expend by as much as 5.4 percent. Here’s how the team of scientists created these

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Do Emojis Have the Power to Change the World?
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Most of us probably don’t think too much of the emojis we use. But maybe we should. Plan International, a girls’ rights charity, believes that its proposed period emoji could start much-needed conversations around the world about menstruation. Those conversations could help break down barriers, lift taboos and help girls gain access to education and menstruation products

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Margaret Burnett Makes Computers More Inclusive
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Think fast: Can you name two female computer scientists or software engineers that have shaped our society? Ask the same question about male computer scientists, and most people could probably name Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and others. Many famous male techies are household names, but where’s the female representation? The problem is, women are scarce in these

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These Are Your Rights if You’re Pulled Over by Police
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You’re driving along the road, minding your own business, just trying to get to work, grab some food or catch some live music. Suddenly, you see flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Even if you don’t end up getting a ticket, being pulled over is nerve-wracking. You have to talk with an authoritative, serious-faced stranger who

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Want to Go Solar? Do It as a Community
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With recent innovations like Tesla’s solar shingles, the future of solar-powered living is looking bright. Still, supplying homes and businesses with affordable solar power is a complex undertaking. “There’s a lot of moving parts to community solar,” according to Eric Dahnke, the founder and CEO of ProjectEconomics, a Brooklyn-based company that creates software that enables utilities

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