Marissa Blahnik

Marissa is managing editor of Rewire and an award-winning digital and broadcast media producer. She identifies as a Leo, a Jersey girl, and a musical theater fanatic.

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Delivering Your Message With Confidence

Whether you avoid it or embrace it, one day you will likely find yourself delivering a message to […]

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Irish Titan CEO Darin Lynch Explains Managers Vs. Leaders

A string of great bosses early in Darin Lynch’s career taught him the difference between leadership and management. […]

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Emily Cox Pahnke on Making Your Venture Successful

What does it take to make an entrepreneurial venture successful? University of Washington professor of management and organization […]

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Will Humans Survive Climate Change?

Arguments about global warming heat up most when temps dip down below zero: “If the planet is warming […]

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Add a Pinch of Great British Baking to Your Holiday Feast

The upcoming New Year is reason enough to be planning a get together, whether it’s for the night […]

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Explore Poldark’s Home with Photographer Andrew Moxom

The dramatic landscape of the PBS series “Poldark” doesn’t get top billing but it would be hard to […]