Marissa Blahnik

Marissa is managing editor of Rewire and an award-winning digital and broadcast media producer. She identifies as a Leo, a Jersey girl, and a musical theater fanatic.

Black and white image of James Brown jumping on a pink background with green circles. Sound Field Rewire PBS
‘Sound Field’ Will Take Your Music Obsession to the Next Level

Think about your favorite song. Then think about why you love it so much. The answer is probably […]

Friends sitting at a coffee house together conversing. Talking Points pbs rewire
From Mental Health to Money: Talking Points to Get You Started

The more important a topic is, the harder it can be to talk about. Whether at work or […]

Three people pose outside of Monicat Data, one man and two women. pbs rewire
Monicat Data Makes Technology Work for Creatives

The day I met with Jasmine Russell of Monicat Data, she was wearing a yellow shirt, sitting in […]

Paintbrushes and paint on a canvas. PBS rewire
9 Relevant Artists to Inspire Your Next Internet Break

The mental and physical health-boosting benefits of making art is well documented. However, not all of us are […]

New York Public Library pbs rewire
Diaries, Letters, Cat Paw? What’s Inside the New York Public Library

Most of us don’t work in iconic buildings. Or, if our offices have any sort of local notoriety, […]

A diverse group of young professionals in cocktail party attire, some in Mardi Gras masks, smile for the camera. Theoroi pbs rewire
Theoroi is the Performing Arts Social Club You Need

For Tessa Retterath Jones, landing a job at the Schubert Club, Minnesota’s oldest performing arts organization, located in […]

Toussaint Morrison's mind being blown while looking at his phone showing that Justice Kennedy was retiring. America From Scratch Should we elect our Supreme Court Justices. pbs rewire
Should we elect our Supreme Court Justices?

If we made “America From Scratch” today, would we elect our Supreme Court Justices and should they have […]

Asian woman smiling. Invention pbs rewire
Unlock Your Powers of Invention to Level Up Your Big Idea

We’re living in a time of great innovation. Entrepreneurs are riffing on existing technologies, products or services to […]

Barbecue pbs rewire
A Rocket Scientist Wants to ‘Nourish’ Your Love of Barbecue

Let’s be clear: there is a chasm of difference between “grilling out” and authentic barbecue. A summer gathering over […]

A photo of Waldmann Brewery's handmade sausages, beer, a nest full of antique marbles, and the original metal stencil found on the premises. Rewire Living PBS Waldmann
Historic Waldmann Brewery Celebrates America’s Past and Present

One look at the historic limestone building is all it takes to jump start your imagination. When Tom […]

Buying Your First Home pbs rewire
What to Know Before Buying Your First Home

Video by Trevor Vaubel Whether you’re renting or living with your family, if your name isn’t on the […]