Maribel Lopez

Maribel is a lifelong public media fan and as director of Rewire, oversees the site’s strategy and operations. When she isn’t catching up on the latest digital publishing trends, she enjoys traveling, flamenco dancing and going on adventures with her doggos.

city in the sky
There’s More to Air Travel than Meets the Eye

Consider this air travel scenario. You used your phone to check in yesterday. You even upgraded your seat and […]

Alzheimer's Disease pbs rewire
Why You Need to Care About Alzheimer’s Disease Right Now

“Gosh, It’s scary. It’s so scary. I’ve thought about going in and getting tested to see if I […]

young chef
This Young Chef Built a Company to Keep Seniors Healthy

Grocery delivery services. Take out. Dining out. Apps for meals delivered straight to you. These days, you can sample from a smorgasbord of […]

divided states
The History of Our ‘Divided States’ Leads Us to the Inauguration

As the nation prepares for the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, looking back on our country’s […]

best shows
The 15 Best Shows You Saw on PBS in 2016 (Or Wish You Had)

You’ve done your interfacing with the family and now you’re ready for some quality screen time. If you’re not sure […]

new year
The Perfect New Year’s Eve Cocktail, No Matter How You Spend Your Night

‘Tis the season for celebratory cocktails! No matter what you are up to for NYE—whether you’re staying home […]

fun mail
This Holiday, Give the Gift of Fun Mail

It wasn’t too long ago that I found myself with a mountain of empty boxes from online retailers awaiting […]

Gwen Ifill
Gwen Ifill Remembered

She covered politics from all angles, including eight presidential campaigns. She wrote a best-selling book on politics and race. She […]

sesame street
Celebrate Sesame Street’s Birthday with These Celebrities

Happy birthday to the beloved “Sesame Street”! On Nov. 10, 1969, the first episode of “Sesame Street” aired […]

pbs nature
PBS Nature Explains Why Your Cat is So Cool

In recent years, cats have been most notable for their presence on the internet. Simply google the word […]

desk pbs rewire
Things to Keep in Your Desk at the Office Because YOU JUST NEVER KNOW

Recently, I was caught attempting to sneakily put on deodorant at the office. I keep a stick of […]

d'narius lewis pbs rewire
D’Narius Lewis Motivates People with His Story

We all need a little motivation sometimes. Whether it’s motivation to take out the trash or to get our butts […]