Maribel Lopez

Maribel is a lifelong public media fan and as director of Rewire, oversees the site’s strategy and operations. When she isn’t catching up on the latest digital publishing trends, she enjoys traveling, flamenco dancing and going on adventures with her doggos.

Photo of country music singer Kasey Musgraves riding a dolphin in front of hot pink background. Rewire PBS Living Music Playlist
Staff Picks: An Eclectic Music Playlist Inspired by ‘Sound Field’
Through making the show, we learned a lot about music this year.
Woman putting a banana peel into the compost bin. Planet's Health pbs rewire
Be Green in 2019: Simple Ways to Improve Our Planet’s Health

The current state of our planet’s health isn’t great. This past year, we’ve seen extreme weather, rising sea […]

Photo of man wearing sunglasses, speaking into a microphone and gesturing as he speaks. Rewire PBS Work Creative Exchange
This Artist Fosters Connection Through Creative Exchange

Being an artist can be a rough gig. Whether it’s searching for ways to fund projects, grow and […]

Picture Shows: Catbej Cenote and its strangler fig. Near Valladolid, Yucatan state. Visit Mexico pbs rewire
Eight Reasons to Visit Mexico But Skip the Resorts

After a recent trip to Europe, I found myself eager to pinpoint my next travel destination—once I recoup […]

Miss Skerrett pbs rewire
Meet Dresser to Queen Victoria, Miss Skerrett

If you’ve heard of “Victoria“—the British program portraying Queen Victoria’s reign on PBS’s “Masterpiece”—and you’re not interested in […]

Cuba pbs rewire
Why Young Adults Are Traveling from the U.S. to Cuba

Once considered a tropical playground for people living in the United States, Cuba became somewhat of a mystery after […]

Delicious Vegan Dishes pbs rewire
Win Every Picnic with These Delicious Vegan Dishes

Summertime: the season of picnics. With all of the weekend get-togethers—many of which involve eating and drinking—you can’t […]

Explore the Outdoors pbs rewire
Get Inspired to Explore the Outdoors This Summer

What are you doing with your life this summer? Big vacation planned? Camping trips scheduled? If you haven’t made […]

The Great British Baking Show pbs rewire
Get Ready for ‘The Great British Baking Show’ With These Recipes

In its first three seasons, “The Great British Baking Show” has provided many—even those who don’t know the difference […]

Carl Atiya Swanson pbs rewire
Carl Atiya Swanson Teaches Artists How to Succeed as Entrepreneurs

When it comes to the topic of entrepreneurs, artists might not be the first to come to mind. But […]

Military Drone pbs rewire
U.S. Military Drone Operators Tell Their Stories in ‘National Bird’

It’s no secret that drones are probably flying over as you read this. In fact, it’s estimated that […]

Wearable Technology pbs rewire
How Wearable Technology Brings Us Closer to Our Pets

Would you like to know what your dog is thinking? Have you often wished that you spoke the same language? […]