Why Young Adults Are Traveling from the U.S. to Cuba
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Once considered a tropical playground for people living in the United States, Cuba became somewhat of a mystery after its revolution in the 1950s. A Spanish major in college, I’ve visited my share of Spanish-speaking countries and have always been intrigued by Cuba and enticed by its history. Despite being a mere 90 miles from Florida and […]

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Win Every Picnic with These Delicious Vegan Dishes
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Summertime: the season of picnics. With all of the weekend get-togethers—many of which involve eating and drinking—you can’t show up empty-handed. What’s worse than attending a picnic without anything to share? Showing up with something no one wants to eat or drink or can’t consume given dietary limitations. Schlepping your Tupperware from home to the park […]

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Get Inspired to Explore the Outdoors This Summer
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What are you doing with your life this summer? Big vacation planned? Camping trips scheduled? If you haven’t made plans and need a little inspiration to explore the outdoors, look no further. The National Parks: America’s Best Idea America’s best idea is not just for nature enthusiasts. If you’ve not seen one of Ken Burns’ greatest […]

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Get Ready for ‘The Great British Baking Show’ With These Recipes
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In its first three seasons, “The Great British Baking Show” has provided many—even those who don’t know the difference between wax paper and parchment paper—with a sweet tooth for competitive baking. (FYI Parchment paper is heat-resistant, wax paper is not and could catch fire in the oven—the more you know!) In anticipation of the show’s fourth season, […]

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Carl Atiya Swanson Teaches Artists How to Succeed as Entrepreneurs
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When it comes to the topic of entrepreneurs, artists might not be the first to come to mind. But “artists are inherently entrepreneurial,” said Carl Atiya Swanson, associate director of Minnesota-based organization Springboard for the Arts, which provides education and resources for aspiring professional artists. Artists “are about creating new things—objects, experiences, relationships—and putting them out […]

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U.S. Military Drone Operators Tell Their Stories in ‘National Bird’
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It’s no secret that drones are probably flying over as you read this. In fact, it’s estimated that 7 million drones will be sold in the United States by 2020. You might even own a drone yourself. But what do you know about military drone warfare? Lisa G. Ling joined the U.S. Army in 1991 at age […]

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How Wearable Technology Brings Us Closer to Our Pets
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Would you like to know what your dog is thinking? Have you often wished that you spoke the same language? Well, it won’t be long before we’ll all be able to “speak dog,” thanks to wearable technology. While a better understanding of what our pets are thinking will be really neat—and maybe slightly creepy—it also proposes significant […]

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What We Can All Learn from ‘The Bad Kids’
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Who are “The Bad Kids”? Well, they aren’t really bad kids at all, but, to mainstream society, they certainly appear that way. They’re tardy to class and turn in assignments late—if at all. They talk back to teachers or sleep through lessons and sometimes they stop coming to class altogether. Often their absence goes unnoticed or […]

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There’s More to Air Travel than Meets the Eye
city in the sky

Consider this air travel scenario. You used your phone to check in yesterday. You even upgraded your seat and your boarding pass is on your phone because it’s 2017 and who prints tickets these days anyway? You still showed up hours before your flight, making it through security like a boss and now, you’re sitting at your gate, […]

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Why You Need to Care About Alzheimer’s Disease Right Now
Alzheimer's Disease

“Gosh, It’s scary. It’s so scary. I’ve thought about going in and getting tested to see if I have the gene and what that might mean, but there’s nothing I can actually do to prevent it from coming on.” Breanna Olson is the daughter of an Alzheimer’s disease patient. She was only 25 years old when […]

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This Young Chef is Building a Company to Keep Seniors Healthy
young chef

Grocery delivery services. Take out. Dining out. Apps for meals delivered straight to you. These days, you can sample from a smorgasbord of food services and products to make your life easier, but what’s missing from some of these modern-day conveniences? First of all, human interaction. Open your app and request whatever it is you need and it arrives on […]

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The History of Our ‘Divided States’ Leads Us to the Inauguration
divided states

As the nation prepares for the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, looking back on our country’s recent past is vital to understanding how we got to this moment in history. The new four-hour series from “Frontline,” “Divided States of America” addresses that. This in-depth production by veteran PBS filmmaker Michael Kirk begins on Jan. 17 by taking viewers back to the […]

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