Want to Learn About Wine? Here’s 3 Must-Reads
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Around the time I entered high school, my dad got really into wine. As part of my parents’ basement renovation, they installed a basement wine cellar and my dad began to stock it with his favorite bottles. When I was “old enough,” I was allowed to start tasting during special meals, for which my dad

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Should You Start a Business as a Side-Hustle?
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For a short period of time in late 2016, I was obsessed with the song “Hold Me Down” by Halsey. It is a ballad (of sorts) for artists who must face daily inhibitions in order to create art. Halsey likens her creative process to a relationship with the devil, to whom she feels as if

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What’s Holding Back Young Female Scientists?
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Earlier this year, Harvard Business Review published an article suggesting that junior female scientists “aren’t getting the credit they deserve.” Is that surprising? Yes. Well, maybe. In 2017, it’s a sad reality that gender bias still infiltrates several industries, from the Supreme Court to venture capital and entrepreneurship, according to other studies featured in Harvard Business

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One Syrian Teenager’s Story of Making a Home in the United States
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According to the UN Refugee Agency, more than 5 million people have fled Syria since 2011. By the end of 2016, only 18,000 of those refugees were resettled in the United States. Dalya Zeno, now 18 years old, and her mother, Rudayna, are two of that number. They left Aleppo, Syria, in 2012 to escape the

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Jill Filipovic Investigates Expectations of Women at Work
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Jill Filipovic writes about women in the working world, but she herself knows what it’s like to make a huge career switch. In 2012, Filipovic left her full-time law career to write about feminism and politics for publications including The Guardian, The New York Times, the Washington Post, and, perhaps most notably, Cosmopolitan. She released her

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Why Divorce is Different for Millennials
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When my high school friend Maria married Esteban, we were all 23. As a bridesmaid in their wedding, I was asked to wear a pink dress (any shade of pink, because Maria was, and is, chill like that). On the morning of the ceremony, I arrived late to hair and makeup and promptly left my phone

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Social Media Could Be Raising Our Stress Levels
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If you’ve ever been tempted to unplug, there’s a good reason for it: Recent polling has found that people who actively use social media experience more stress around current events. In February, the American Psychological Association released the results of their annual Stress in America survey, which “has examined sources of stress and its impact on

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With Social Issues in the Spotlight, Are Lawyers the New Rock Stars?
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In the hours and days after the White House administration introduced its executive order to prevent travelers from some Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S., airports erupted in protest. Families stood waiting for loved ones, dissenters waved signs. But off to the side, huddled over laptops in self-made encampments, the lawyers settled in. They had

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Why the Brontë Sisters Still Make Top Novel Lists
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Since it was published in 1847, Charlotte Brontë’s groundbreaking novel “Jane Eyre” has never been out of print. It consistently shows up on top 10 lists of favorite novels alongside another Brontë novel, “Wuthering Heights,” according to Brontë biographer Juliet Barker. When it was written, Emily Brontë’s “Wuthering Heights” “left contemporary audiences perplexed and disgusted. It didn’t

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3 Muslim and Arab-Americans Explain How to Be a Good Ally
Good Ally

In January, the White House issued an executive order that aimed to bar Syrian refugees from entering the U.S. and restrict in-bound travel of immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries. Thousands of U.S. citizens and lawmakers expressed their disproval of what quickly became known as the #MuslimBan by gathering at airports across the country in protest. The next day,

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