Christopher Sakezles Makes Recyclable Human Cadavers
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Christopher Sakezles builds people. It sounds like science-fiction. But before you accuse him of spurring a Cylon invasion of Earth, rest assured he’s using his powers for good. Sakezles is the founder, CEO and chief technology officer for Florida-based SynDaver Labs, a company that creates, designs and builds synthetic human tissues and bodies. If that sounds a little out there to you,

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NASA Engineer Nagin Cox Helps Build Robots That Explore Mars
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Nagin Cox always wanted to be an explorer. But she wanted to be the kind of explorer that unites people across the globe around a common cause. “I learned kind of very young that we find ways to divide ourselves,” she said. “I wanted to do something for the whole world and given that I was

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Elan Lee Designs Games That Make Reality Better
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There are moments in Elan Lee’s professional life that sound like something out of a different reality. Unsurprising, really, when you discover that he’s one of the best alternate reality game designers in the business. He’s designed popular interactive games “I Love Bees,” “Year Zero,” “The Beast” and “Exploding Kittens.” But before diving into Lee’s extraordinary

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Becky Mueller Helps Make Us Safer by Smashing Things
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Becky Mueller smashes things as part of her job. And she doesn’t just smash any little old thing. In 2016, she ran a Tesla into a brick wall. Crash tests are not cheap events. Given the $130,000 price tag for the Tesla and $150,000 average starting cost for a crash dummy, add in her salary and

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Why Mary Robinette Kowal Traded in Puppets for Science Fiction
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A “catastrophic puppeteer injury” wouldn’t mean the beginning of an award-winning career for most people—but Mary Robinette Kowal is a different sort of someone. Science fiction author Kowal has led a fascinating life in the arts. And it all started with puppets. I was one of those kids who wanted to do everything. And I

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Screenwriting Maven Heidi Hornbacher Wants to Help You ‘Crack Your Story’
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Talking to Heidi Hornbacher makes you believe you can write the next “Inception.” And she wants to help you do it. The term “polymath” leaps to mind—Hornbacher is a teacher, writer, director, producer, executive and entrepreneur, the founder of Supposable Productions and PageCraft, a company that offers screenwriting retreats in Italy and workshops in Los Angeles. Los

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Soft Robotics Engineer Kari Love Started as a Broadway Costume Designer
Broadway Costume Designer

Art and science make brilliant partners, and when you find a single creator who has mastered both disciplines, you’re in fascinating territory. Enter soft robotics engineer Kari Love. As a robotics engineer, Love has created costumes for Broadway productions, puppets for “Sesame Street” and spacesuits. So what is soft robotics? The easiest way to think

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How Does Today’s Sherlock Stack Up? An Expert Compares Old to New

Hang onto your plaid hunting caps. Jan. 1 marked the return of the BBC’s wildly popular high-functioning-sociopath-turned-consulting-detective, Sherlock Holmes. “Sherlock” enthusiasts have been without the series since 2014, with the exception of the Victorian throwback New Year’s special of 2016. I grew up poring over the original novels, and Sherlock Holmes was my very first literary crush. As

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