Wizard Staffs and Snoring Apps: Meet Serial Inventor Brian Krohn
Brian Krohn holding a fake skull pbs rewire

What would your 7-year-old self think of you today? Brian Krohn knows exactly how to answer that question. […]

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4 Ways Any Music Lover Can Start a Vinyl Collection
A hand dropping the needle on a record player Vinyl Collection pbs rewire

When I was growing up, my dad and I would sit in our “computer room” and listen to […]

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How Your Gender Influences Family Funding Your Startup
Young asian woman showing family her startup info Family Funding pbs rewire

The gender pay gap exists even in the freelance sphere, and woman entrepreneurs have a tougher time getting […]

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Best Buy Founder Dick Schulze on Making Your Dream a Reality
Dick Schulze and two female student entrepreneurs at efest rewire pbs work dream

Dick Schulze has seen it all. As the founder of Best Buy, he’s lead a business that’s constantly […]

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Been Dating for a Bit? Time to Talk Finances
Talk Finances pbs rewire

There are two things couples don’t like talking about, said relationship researcher Melissa Curran: sex and money. Often, […]

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Top Tips for Startup Success From Investor Ann Winblad
Ann Winblad pbs rewire

Nine out of 10 startups fail. That’s a hard truth of being an entrepreneur. Some of that is […]

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