Katie Moritz

Katie Moritz is Rewire's senior editor and a Pisces who enjoys thrift stores, rock concerts and pho. She covered politics for a newspaper in Juneau, Alaska, before driving down to balmy Minnesota to help produce long-standing public affairs show "Almanac" at Twin Cities PBS. Now she works on this here website. Reach her via email at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter @katecmoritz.

Photo of adult daughter walking with her father on the beach. Emotional Barriers pbs rewire
How to Break Down Emotional Barriers With Your Dad
Stoic dad? Try finding a shared passion
Photo of a U.S. Border Crossing with a line of cars waiting. Rewire PBS Our Future Border Patrol
These Are Your Rights If You’re Stopped by Border Patrol
You always have the right to remain silent
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Single, Hooking Up, Married: When Your Friends Are Doing Love Differently

A few years ago, Keneta Anderson looked around the room at the costume party she had gone to […]

My Dad Is a Private Investigator, and Now I Am, Too

Lisa Ribacoff was on the streets of New York City, waiting for a guy to show himself. Just […]

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Why the Scariest Thing About Horror Movies is Us

When you turn on a classic slasher movie, there’s a feeling of campiness about it. A dude with […]

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If One of You Cheated, Is There Hope for Your Relationship?

If it seems like cheating is incredibly common, that’s because it is. According to the American Association for […]

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Trash Grains to Treasure: Student Entrepreneurs Innovate for Change

Working as a server at a restaurant in San Diego, Rey Mustafa watched kitchen staff throw away huge, […]

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How Our Ozone Hole Win Can Help Us With Climate Change

The year was 1987. A hole in the ozone layer was opening over Antarctica, and a young scientist […]

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Words Matter: How to Address Offensive Language in Family Conversations

Every generation has its own way of talking about things. In the 1950s and ’60s, adults were panicking […]

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Why Veterans Could be the Key to Ending Partisan Politics

Congress’ freshman class has gotten a lot of attention for breaking the norm. It includes our first Muslim […]

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Did Your Neighborhood Contribute to Institutional Racism?

When we think about segregation, we think about signs. Signs that prohibited black people in the South from […]

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Where are the Ridesharing Companies for Women?

Laura Swan swore the same car had been trailing her the whole drive home. The 29-year-old was on […]