Katie Moritz

Katie Moritz is Rewire's senior editor and a Pisces who enjoys thrift stores, rock concerts and pho. She covered politics for a newspaper in Juneau, Alaska, before driving down to balmy Minnesota to help produce long-standing public affairs show "Almanac" at Twin Cities PBS. Now she works on this here website. Reach her via email at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter @katecmoritz.

Photo of your gay couple with their foreheads together smiling. Cheated pbs rewire
If One of You Cheated, Is There Hope for Your Relationship?

If it seems like cheating is incredibly common, that’s because it is. According to the American Association for […]

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Trash Grains to Treasure: Student Entrepreneurs Innovate for Change

Working as a server at a restaurant in San Diego, Rey Mustafa watched kitchen staff throw away huge, […]

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How Our Ozone Hole Win Can Help Us With Climate Change

The year was 1987. A hole in the ozone layer was opening over Antarctica, and a young scientist […]

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Words Matter: How to Address Offensive Language in Family Conversations

Every generation has its own way of talking about things. In the 1950s and ’60s, adults were panicking […]

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Why Veterans Could be the Key to Ending Partisan Politics

Congress’ freshman class has gotten a lot of attention for breaking the norm. It includes our first Muslim […]

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Did Your Neighborhood Contribute to Institutional Racism?

When we think about segregation, we think about signs. Signs that prohibited black people in the South from […]

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Where are the Ridesharing Companies for Women?

Laura Swan swore the same car had been trailing her the whole drive home. The 29-year-old was on […]

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Why Some Entrepreneurs Struggle With ‘Monogamy’

Entrepreneurs tend to have a problem with a wandering eye. No, no, it’s not what you think. If […]

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Induction Cooking is Eco-Friendly, But Can We Afford It?

If you’re a kitchen nerd, maybe you’ve heard of them: fossil fuel-free, space-age stovetops that cook your food […]

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Making a Murderino: Unraveling the Unexpected Popularity of True Crime

Charles Brandes was a true crime late bloomer. Lots of the people who now claim true crime as […]

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How to Explain Away Short-Term Work History in an Interview

Is there anything worse than showing up for your first day of a new job — and realizing […]

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Are Psychopathic Personality Traits Actually Good For Business?

Nobody wants to be called a psychopath. Despite the fact that we all fall somewhere on the spectrum, people […]