What Keeps Women Out of Upper Management?
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We hear the statistics regularly: Though women make up half the world’s population and nearly 40 percent of its workforce, only 24 percent of the world’s senior managers are women, according to United Nations data. Once you get into the competitive world of S&P 500 companies—the country’s most powerful businesses—only 5 percent are headed up by

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Making the Most of Your First Tinder Date
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You’ve sorted through the many, many options and matched with someone you’d actually want to get to know. You start texting and it’s going well—no major red flags yet. So you agree to meet for coffee. The first date is where a lot of relationships that start online or on apps get derailed, said Liesel Sharabi,

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Why You Should Be Brave at Work
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Sometimes when we disagree with a coworker or a boss, it’s best to drop it or come to a compromise, even if we don’t want to. But sometimes it can feel important to work through conflict, especially if you feel your solution would be the best thing for your team. So if you’ve decided that working through

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The Telling Project Helps Veterans Break the Ice
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When was the last time you talked with a military veteran about their service? If you didn’t grow up in a military family and don’t know many servicemembers or veterans, maybe you’ve never had a conversation like that. After all, it can feel uncomfortable bringing up a topic that feels both very personal and politically charged. But

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Because of Politics, Words Are Losing Meaning
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Can you tell someone’s political leanings by the way they talk? Scientists can. Penn State psychologists examined the word associations of more than 300 people and predicted their political beliefs, the party they belonged to and the candidate they were likely to vote for in the 2016 presidential election using a machine-learning algorithm. And the

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Collaboration Produces Better Ideas Than Leaders Do
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Pack mentality has been to blame for tragic historical events and horrible violence. It’s generally thought that a group of people acting together will be brought down to the lowest common denominator as “groupthink” solidifies. But there’s new evidence that this isn’t necessarily the case: When we’re in a group, all on the same level and sharing

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How to Soften the Blow When Breaking Up
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In our personal lives and work lives, there’s really nothing quite so painful as rejection. Breaking up or losing your job can stay with you for a long, long time. But there’s one thing that makes those bad situations even worse: Being passed over for someone else. It’s not you, it’s her We take rejection so much better

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