Jacob Hillesheim

Jacob Hillesheim is a Minnesota educator, historian and ice cream enthusiast with master’s degrees in teaching and learning and in history.

A closeup of a woman smoking. Rewire PBS Our Future Marijuana
Why It’s Technically Illegal to Smoke Weed in a State Where It’s Legal
It's one example of state and federal law being at odds.
A man crossing his fingers behind his back. PBS Rewire Our Future Campaign Promises
Do Political Candidates Just Tell Us What We Want to Hear?
Across time, presidents have been pretty steady with how many campaign promises they've accomplished in office.
Photo of dark clouds over the White House. Launch Nuclear Weapons pbs rewire
Should the President Be Allowed to Launch Nuclear Weapons?

A turn of the key. A press of the big red button. Millions, if not billions, dead. Melodramatic? […]

Photo of woman reaching for specific academic book. Revisionist History pbs rewire
Reconstruction and the Case for ‘Revisionist History’

In June 2003, President George W. Bush and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice struck out against the “revisionist […]

President Abraham Lincoln sculpture inside the Lincoln Memorial. Dictator pbs rewire
Has the United States Ever Had a Dictator?

History’s dictators: They ruled with absolute authority. They seized or maintained control through force and violence, crushing all […]

Politician with hands around a small tv set. Political Propaganda pbs rewire
Why Political Propaganda Works and How to Spot It

They’re here… With Election Day fast approaching, candidates across the country are spending piles of cash on radio […]

Man with handcuffs on behind his back being walked to a police car. Warrant pbs rewire
Don’t You Need A Warrant For That?

You’ve been pulled over for speeding. Or for making a right turn after missing that “No Right Turn […]

Male and female soldiers in uniforms standing in formation during military ceremony. Rewire PBS Our Future Draft
What to Know About Selective Service and the Draft Today

The United States has had combat troops in Afghanistan since 2001, meaning that, next year, the high school […]

Woman shocked while looking at her laptop. True Threat pbs rewire
When Does Online Harassment Turn into a True Threat?

It’s just another morning. You wake up, get the coffee going, and check social media. You dropped a […]

Lim Ben and Alice Wong family. Rewire PBS Our Future Chinese Exclusion
How the Chinese Exclusion Act Still Impacts the U.S. Today

It’s history that’s relevant today: In 1882, Congress banned certain immigrants from entering the U.S. due to their […]