Gretchen Brown

Gretchen has reported on the criminal justice system in rural Minnesota and covered everything from politics to millennial truck drivers for Wisconsin Public Radio. She is passionate about public media as a public service. She’s also into music and really good coffee. Follow her on Twitter @gretch_brown.

Woman recording a food vlog about juicing. Fake Food Science pbs rewire
Fake Food Science Is Everywhere. These Influencers are Trying to Stop It.

Jennifer Lopez did a “no sugar no carbs challenge.” Kylie Jenner is drinking celery juice for breakfast. Gwyneth […]

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4 Ways You Can Be More Hopepunk Today

There’s this speech at the end of the second “Lord of The Rings” movie. You might know the […]

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Is Your IKEA Habit Bad For The Environment?

Like many of her peers, 26-year-old Emily Elveru’s New York apartment is full of cheap furniture. Nothing cost […]

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Why Reconnecting With Old Friends is Worth the Effort

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‘Minding the Gap’ Director Bing Liu on Breaking the Abuse Cycle

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5 Ways to Stay Optimistic About Love This Valentine’s Day

It’s become cliché to hate Valentine’s Day. We know, we know, modern Valentine’s Day is mostly a Hallmark […]

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When Choosing a Traditional Bank is a Good Idea

I can’t remember the last time I actually walked into a bank. I deposit my paycheck online. I […]

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Fast Fashion is Bad for Us. Here’s Why We Can’t Kick It.

When a garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh in April 2013, killing more than 1,000 people, some believed it would […]

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Why Some Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans People Don’t Feel Safe At Work

As far as some of Adam’s coworkers know, he just had a mass removed from his abdomen. Not […]

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DNA Ancestry Kits: The Risks to Consider Before You Spit

Spit in a vial, pay $200, wait a few weeks. You might find out you have a large […]

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How to Avoid Job Search Burnout and Find the Gig You Want

If you feel like you’re applying to job after job with no luck, it’s probably not just you. […]