Dylan Thomson von Brendel

Dylan studied theater, video production, and film producing over the last 15 years and has worked in many different arenas along the way. He’s a sucker for Austin City Limits and would watch Antiques Roadshow every night if PBS would program it that way. Connect with Dylan on Twitter @DManMegaMix.

Willie's Superbrew pbs rewire
Farmer Willie’s Is Now Willie’s Superbrew

Having led the rebranding transition of an alcoholic superfood brewer, Ellen McNeill knows a thing or two about […]

Lowertown Bike Shop pbs rewire
Community Comes First at Lowertown Bike Shop

When you step into Lowertown Bike Shop in St. Paul, Minnesota, you’ll notice two things right away: Merv […]

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Why Fostering Pets is Right For You

I’m willing to bet you’ve watched a cute animal video and immediately craved more fluffiness in your life. […]

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Mitchell Adam Johnson: From Beatles Fan to Musician

Most jobs are difficult, but being a professional musician today has to come in near the top of […]

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Hearing The Beatles for the First Time

The Beatles are arguably the most popular band that has ever existed on this planet. Though Beatlemania might […]

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Happy Birthday PBS!

What does PBS mean to you? To celebrate PBS’s anniversary, here’s the internet’s love letter to public television. […]

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Cohousing: Is it right for you?

Cohousing is the term for an intentional community of unrelated folks who live together—either in the same building […]

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Reading My Coming Out Diaries

Rewire’s web editor reads her own journal entries spanning her coming out process—from denial to the aftermath of […]

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Meal Prep 101: Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad

Welcome to Kell’s Kitchen, where Kelli shows us how to save money on work lunches while creating delicious […]

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5 Unique Job Interview Tips for Beginners

Learn 5 uncommon strategies to help you crush your upcoming job interview. Jennifer Rogers is the associate director […]

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Rewire Live with Special Guest Mike Rugnetta

Rewire was privileged enough to spend an hour interviewing Mike Rugnetta, host/writer of the PBS Digital Studios web […]

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Climate Legacy

A majority of people living in the U.S. are concerned about climate change. Sometimes it can seem as […]