The Value of Open Spaces in Cities
Open Spaces pbs rewire

For the most part, American cities are built around cars. We drive to work, to school and to play, and civic planning during the boom of the suburbs seemed more concerned with where to put cars than how to give people spaces to enjoy. That trend is changing, however, as cities embrace green spaces, multi-modal […]

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The Surprising Creative Science of ‘Microdreams’
Microdreams pbs rewire

The human brain is a masterful engine of creativity and improvisation during our waking hours. We take images, sounds and experiences and turn them into sculptures, movies and poems. By developing creative talents, we can improve our ability to translate the stimuli of the real world into fantasy, art and escape. The experience of creativity […]

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Why Getting Lost is Good For You
Getting Lost pbs rewire

If you have a good sense of direction, life is a lot easier. You know where you are and where you’re headed—and if you’re turned around for a second, you can generally get your bearings and find what you seek. At least that’s the way I see it—but I’m the guy who glances at a […]

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Founders Love Their Companies Like They Love Their Children
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Art, literature and movies are full of cold, distant professionals—parents who work too much, stay at the office late and miss baseball games. That’s certainly not true of all executives with offspring, but it turns out that for a particular breed of business person—the entrepreneur—they might be staying at work because they love their businesses like they love their children. […]

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Can Tinder Improve Your Relationship With Yourself?
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There’s a little frisson of excitement every time you open Tinder. It’s as addictive as Candy Crush and as promising as a blind date, and each new face that pops up is a potential romance. It’s no wonder that there are more than 1.6 billion Tinder profiles across the globe. Some have even turned Tinder […]

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From AIM to Tinder: 10 Years of Relationships Online
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I grew up in a drafty farmhouse in southern Minnesota. My sister was gone to college by the time I entered middle school, and my parents and I lived 20 miles away from my nearest new friend. If I were a little older, this is where I’d tell you that I had lonely teen years […]

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Turn Disappointment Into a Better Salary and a Better World
better salary

Anger and disappointment have been on our collective minds a lot in recent weeks and months—about candidates, election results, the perceived directions our country is going, violence, jobs, the state of our world. There are a thousand hot takes you can read about who’s most disappointed by the events of the past year, but it’s an […]

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At Work, Stick Out Rather Than Fit In
stick out

If you’re a young employee just starting out in your real-world job, there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than preparing for your first few performance reviews. All of your output, both in terms of your work and your intangible contributions to the office, are under scrutiny — and before you walk into those meetings, you have no […]

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Setting Realistic Expectations is the Secret to Success
realistic expectations

I’ll always remember how I got my first job out of college, which involved a long, competitive search process, nerve-wracking interviews and more than a few hours of lost sleep over whether or not I’d be picked for the gig—or, for that matter, if I’d even be called back at all. I was not the […]

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Why Being Anonymous Hurts Your Online Dating Efforts
online dating

Imagine your average high school romantic entanglement. You like someone. They might like you back. You could just ask this person out, but you don’t. Instead, you ask your friends, or theirs, for further insight or help setting up a date. If you’re playing things close to the vest, there’s no concrete proof that you’re […]

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Why Making Decisions for Someone Else Just Feels Right
making decisions

You’ve just swiped for the 9,000th time on Tinder and finally come up with someone who you think is worth meeting for a drink, but then the usual dread sets in: What should I wear? Have I picked a cool-enough bar? What are we going to talk about? What if he or she is a […]

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Watch Your Back, Guys: Men Harmed More than Women
men harmed

In the interest of self-preservation, I’ll be avoiding cruise ships, railroad tracks and bridges for the foreseeable future—and most situations in which other people have the opportunity to sacrifice me to save others, in general. Not a bad life plan. I’m saying this because psychology researchers at New York University, Cambridge University and Columbia University […]

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