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Are You MN Enough?: Winter Sucks

by Andi McDaniel
April 2, 2014 | I ❤️ PBS

In Minnesota, we have a love/hate relationship with winter. As in, we love it for a few days each year-- perhaps in November, when the snow is fluffy and and novel and, say, not embedded with frozen squirrels. We tweet selfies of ourselves wearing hats with ear flaps and try to make our California friends jealous of the beautiful season changes that they must miss so much living somewhere where it's always 70 degrees.

But January rolls around and soon we're wretched characters in a tragedy featuring enormous crusty ice mounds that simply MUST be trying to kill us as we navigate the life-threatening terrain between the front door and the mailbox. But I digress.

Minnesota, while frigid, has 10,000 or more other lovable qualities. Most of us live here on purpose. And when you watch this new piece in our "Are You MN Enough?" web series, entitled "Winter Sucks" by Eve Daniels, you'll remember why.

Andi McDaniel
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