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Photo of person about to push donate button on mobile phone. Facebook Fundraisers pbs rewire
Are Facebook Fundraisers Actually Good for Nonprofits?

Ann Marie Lonsdale felt compelled to do something after the brutal gun violence in Las Vegas in 2017 […]

America From Scratch data pbs rewire
Should it be illegal for Facebook to sell your data?

If we made “America From Scratch” today, would it be illegal for Facebook to sell your data? Freedom […]

facebook rewire pbs
4 Types of Facebook Users: Which One are You?

It’s been interesting—and maybe a little confounding—to watch the transformation of Facebook from what a lot of us […]

Facebook Official pbs rewire
When to Make Your Relationship ‘Facebook Official’

You’ve been seeing this guy for a while now. You’ve both declared your exclusivity to each other, but […]

facebook algorithm rewire pbs
How Does the Facebook Algorithm Help Shape Our Opinions?

How diverse are the viewpoints you see in your Facebook feed? When was the last time you read […]

facebook keeps growing pbs rewire
Facebook Keeps Growing, But For How Long?

With other, newer social media sites dominating the collective consciousness right now, and a question of whether Facebook’s […]

Stop Creeping pbs rewire
Want Your Relationship to Work? Stop Creeping on Them on Facebook

When you meet someone you like in the real world, often the first thing you do is check […]

quitting facebook
Can Quitting Facebook Make You Happier?

Right after the election, I did something I’d been wanting to do for a long time—I deleted my […]

facebook live
When to Quit Your Day Job Facebook Live Q&A
how i became a feminist car expert
How I Became a Feminist Car Expert
In 6 years, I went from not caring about cars, to making a living teaching people about them.
A photo of someone cheering on their friend with green pompoms. Rewire PBS Work Goal Buddy
With a Buddy’s Help, These People Achieved Their Goals. You Can Too.
Going for a goal on your own can be like eating soup with half a spoon.