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8 Keyboard Shortcuts That Should Totally Exist in Real Life

by Andi McDaniel
November 19, 2013 | Living
keyboard shortcuts

Has this every happened to you? You're wandering, bewildered, through the aisles of Home Depot searching for say, steel wool, and suddenly you find your brain looking for the search function—Where's Control-F when you need it?!

This happens to me all the time—so in hopes of inspiring the minds of Silicon Valley to take a stab at inventing it, here's my list of keyboard shortcuts that would be super handy in real life. Google Glass developers, take note.

1. Search

Duh. How amazing would it be if there was a Control-F function in big box stores—or better  yet, your own house? When you lost your keys, your phone, your left sock...bam!

2. Undo

Oh, Command Z. You're my favorite keyboard function. Typos and ugly Photoshop filters disappear with ease! But I'd love to have you around for the rest of life's errors—like when I take a wrong turn, say something inappropriate, or add salt to a recipe when it calls for sugar.

 3. Screenshot

What if instead of having to stop and scribble down some complex thought or idea, you could just take a screenshot of what's on your mind? Bonus points if you could save said screenshots straight to Evernote.

4. Escape

Things are not going well. You've walked down a dark alley and seedy characters abound. One quick tap of the Escape key and you're back on a well-lit road.

5. Right-Click

Sometimes in life, the options that are available just aren't enough. I propose a right-click alternative—an ever-present second-menu of possibilities.

6. Caps Lock

Okay, so at this point it's clear I'm padding the list. But WOULDN'T YOU AGREE that some situations just call for EXTRA EMPHASIS that regular talking can't provide. Although, I suppose yelling does the trick.


7. Force Quit

Things are spiraling out of control. The kids are screaming, dinner's burning on the stove, the smoke alarm is sounding and the dog is choking on that little plastic piece leftover from the new IKEA desk you put together. Abort! Abort! Force Quit is your friend.

8. Go Incognito

When you "Go Incognito" in Google Chrome, your clicks and web travels become untraceable—at least theoretically. What if you could occasionally move through real life untraced? Your words and actions instantly forgotten, your presence invisible to those around you? Okay fine, so crime would be an issue. Maybe you'd have to apply for this function?

Andi McDaniel
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