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5 Christmas Cookies We Wish We Hadn’t Tried

by Cathy Clark
December 18, 2013 | Living

1. Yellow Snowballs

What happens when you mix a traditional tea cake cookie with lemon curd?  You get round clumps that look like downtown street corners, where snow mixed with dogs = well, yellow snowballs.

Photo by: ND Strupler

2. Norwegian Pepperkaker

Great zingy ginger cookies. Horrible name. You may wish to have another at a party, but you can’t possibly utter the sentence, “Please pass the Pepperkakers.”

Photo by: Kelly Sikkema

3. Trickerdoodles        

Like their zanily-named cousin the Snickerdoodle, these cookies contain butter, sugar, and cinnamon, but the similarity stops there. Inside each Trickerdoodle is a clump of raw hamburger.

Photo by: DC Central Kitchen

4. Cat Lady Shortbread

Inside every potentially delectable bite you’ll soon discover black, white and, if you’re lucky, Siamese cat fur. Minimum 3 fur strands per shortbread.

Photo by: Janet Hudson

5. Melt in Your Mouth Endangered Merangutans

These baked egg-white wonders are frosted with fuzzy orange icing, and covered in tropical rain forest vegetation. They must be set individually on separate plates to avoid conflicts and confrontation.

Photo by: Chi King
Cathy Clark
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