How Does Being Laid Off Impact Your Job Hunt?
Job Hunt

We know that being laid off can color the way you perceive your next job—you’re much more likely to quit it—but how does it change the way future employers see you? The answer is that it depends. Having a layoff in your past can help you or hurt you, depending on the personality traits of the

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The Truth About Hiring Bias
Hiring Bias

There’s plenty of research to back up the existence of race and gender bias in hiring and in the workplace. But did you know bias can be triggered even before you formally apply for a job? All it takes is an email, a team of researchers found. Have you ever sent a note to a hiring

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What Can Throw Off Work-Life Balance and How to Fix It
work-life balance

Striking the right balance between your work life and your home life is linked to career satisfaction and a bigger salary—the better balance you have, the more likely you are to be happy with your work and make career advances that will win you a larger paycheck. But what factors can impact that all-important balance? And

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Zero Percent Aims to Eliminate Food Waste and Hunger
Zero Percent

Twice a week, chief rescue officer Breanne Ward drives from restaurant to restaurant, market to market saving boxes full of day-old leftovers from the clutches of the dumpster. On a recent Friday morning route in Chicago, she filled a van with frozen pizzas from Lou Malnati’s, quinoa superfood bowls from Eat Purely, apples and oranges

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How to Take Photos That Make Your Products Look Amazing Online
Amazing Online

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling hand-crafted soaps on Etsy or a vintage sweater on eBay—having a high-quality photo on your product page can make or break your sale. That’s why Rewire asked Los Angeles photographer Jim Newberry to share some of his professional expertise to help our readers take photos of their wares that look incredible and motivate

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Want to Work from Home? Here’s How to Talk to Your Boss About It
work from home

This article appeared originally on Next Avenue. Is winter weather wreaking havoc on your daily commute? Are you over driving or taking public transit to and from work every weekday? If so, now might be the time to talk with your boss about telecommuting. The key to getting permission to work from home: knowing how to

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Soft Robotics Engineer Kari Love Started as a Broadway Costume Designer
Broadway Costume Designer

Art and science make brilliant partners, and when you find a single creator who has mastered both disciplines, you’re in fascinating territory. Enter soft robotics engineer Kari Love. As a robotics engineer, Love has created costumes for Broadway productions, puppets for “Sesame Street” and spacesuits. So what is soft robotics? The easiest way to think

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Want to Resolve Conflict at Home and at Work? Think About the Future
Resolve Conflict

Once you’re in the heat of a conflict—whether at home with your partner or a family member or at work with a colleague—it can be hard to back down, especially if you’re sure you’re in the right. But if it’s a resolution of yours to get a little less combative and to learn to handle disagreements calmly, try

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More than Anything Else, Your Boss Can Make or Break Your Happiness at Work

Long hours and less-than-ideal pay might make you angsty about the work you do, but there is some evidence to suggest one thing has the biggest impact on how you feel about your job—your boss, or at least your perception of them. Benjamin Artz, associate professor at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, was part of a research team that

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How Work-Family Balance Can Help or Hurt Your Salary
work-family balance

Work-life balance is something we often think and talk about, but the implications of that balance being thrown off in one direction or the other aren’t always clear. And as workplace demands shift away from a standard 9-to-5 for many young adults, it’s harder and harder to know when to put down the phone or laptop and

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