Here’s What Happens When You Feel Overqualified at Work
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Underemployment is a very real thing for our generation.  In 2016, more than half of college-educated millennials reported they were underemployed, or overqualified for their jobs, in a survey by Accenture. If you’re doing a job you’re overqualified for it probably means you’re making less money than you think you should be. But it turns out that situation isn’t

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Chef Yia Vang Celebrates Hmong Culture with Food
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In elementary school, Chef Yia Vang was embarrassed to talk about what his family ate for dinner. Born in Thailand, Vang immigrated to the United States with his family from a refugee camp when he was 4 or 5. Once he started school, he said, he wished his lunches in the cafeteria and dinners at home were

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Jane Palmer Makes Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Clothing Dyes
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What’s at the intersection of fashion and science? There’s more overlap than you might imagine, and Los Angeles-based Jane Palmer is right in the thick of it, engineering innovative and environmentally friendly clothing dyes that she hopes will change the fashion industry game. Not only are her dyes natural—sidestepping the chemical pollution problem that comes with synthetic

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Should You Start a Business as a Side-Hustle?
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For a short period of time in late 2016, I was obsessed with the song “Hold Me Down” by Halsey. It is a ballad (of sorts) for artists who must face daily inhibitions in order to create art. Halsey likens her creative process to a relationship with the devil, to whom she feels as if

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Can You Identify Diversity?
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You’d think we’d be able to tell the difference between a highly diverse set of colored T-shirts and a highly diverse set of team members. But a recent study out of the Stanford Graduate School of Business found that, when we try to evaluate diversity, our brains often confuse one type for another. According to

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Susan Brown Raises Bees to Make Hand-Crafted Honey Bon-Bons
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The next time you marvel at your city’s skyline, consider this: Some of those building tops could be home to thousands of bees. Commuters who pass through the Union Depot train station in St. Paul, Minnesota, probably have no idea that above their heads colonies of bees are making between 35 and 200 pounds of honey per hive per

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Want to Make More Money? Make More Friends
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As much as we want to be hired based on our skills and personalities alone, it’s an open secret that that’s not always—or often—how things happen. There are usually other factors at play that can tip the scale in a candidate’s favor—like knowing someone who already works for the organization, or a hiring manager’s own biases about the

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What Does Workplace Bullying Look Like?
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When we think of bullying, an image of a big kid shoving a nerd into a locker comes to mind (or, at least it does for me). Those of us who were bullied were often told that the problem would solve itself with time, that bullies would grow out of their bad behavior. But when

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The Truth About Being a Criminal Defense Attorney
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What is your dream job? Chances are most people wouldn’t answer that question with “being a lawyer.” In fact, a 2013 Pew Research Center poll shows that Americans don’t think very highly of lawyers. When asked to rate various occupations by how much they contribute to society, the 4000-plus respondents of the poll ranked lawyers

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How to Make Workplace Stress Work for You
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This article appeared originally on Next Avenue. Feeling stressed at work? Sorry to say, you’re in excellent company. According to an American Psychological Association survey, people in the U.S. are more stressed than at any time during the past decade. But I’m happy to share five helpful coping strategies I picked up from two experts while attending the recent

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