Combating Climate Change Could Be as Simple as Cleaning Up
Combating Climate Change

“Greenhouse gas” and “climate change” have been buzzwords for decades, and these problems aren’t disappearing any time soon (though emissions have dropped 5 percent since 2010, according to the Environmental Protection Agency). But what if we could cut down on methane emissions—a greenhouse gas that’s about 30 times more effective at trapping solar heat over 100 years

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When Working Toward Goals, We’re Drawn to ‘Firsts’

Why do we set New Year’s resolutions and not, say, Feb. 17 resolutions? It’s because we like to start working toward goals on days that represent “firsts” in the calendar—the first of the year, the first of the month, the first day of the week. Thinking about the progression of time in this compartmentalized way is

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Why Credit Cards are Dangerous (It’s Because They Feel Good)
Credit Cards

Soon the paper check might have competition for the title of most outmoded payment method—the dollar bill. Why? Because credit cards are so popular. We’re paying with cash less and less—fewer than a third of purchases in the U.S. were made with cash in 2015, compared to 59 percent credit, debit and electronic payments. (Surprisingly, cash

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These Smart Home Devices Save Money and Energy
smart house

Reality is finally approaching something close to what we were promised by “The Jetsons.” We haven’t quite made it to flying cars, but automation and artificial intelligence are working their way into our daily lives. We can control appliances from our phones, let our houses learn about our habits, and ask artificial intelligence devices all our questions. Smart

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How Does Technology Affect the Economy?

Looking back at human history, technological advancements serve as mile markers for where we were as people: the invention of the wheel, the telephone, the dial-up modem. These developments changed the world and how we interact with it. But how do innovations from technology companies affect the economy? A new study of more than a million patents issued over

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These Foldable Batteries Made of Paper are Powered by Your Spit
Foldable Batteries

What if all you needed to run the electronics you use every day were batteries with the dimensions of a piece of paper that contained fluid from your body? Technology isn’t quite there yet—you’ll still need to fight over outlets at the airport to charge your phone and laptop. But two scientists have developed a “papertronic”

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Listen, Learn and Earn: Financial Podcasts for Everyone
Financial Podcasts

Being good with money is not a natural gift bestowed upon everyone. Luckily, there are resources out there to help those of us who weren’t born frugal. Sure, you could hire a financial advisor or a life coach, but that can get pretty expensive in itself. Enter podcasts. Podcasts are not only typically free (very good

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3 Muslim and Arab-Americans Explain How to Be a Good Ally
Good Ally

In January, the White House issued an executive order that aimed to bar Syrian refugees from entering the U.S. and restrict in-bound travel of immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries. Thousands of U.S. citizens and lawmakers expressed their disproval of what quickly became known as the #MuslimBan by gathering at airports across the country in protest. The next day,

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Zero Percent Aims to Eliminate Food Waste and Hunger
Zero Percent

Twice a week, chief rescue officer Breanne Ward drives from restaurant to restaurant, market to market saving boxes full of day-old leftovers from the clutches of the dumpster. On a recent Friday morning route in Chicago, she filled a van with frozen pizzas from Lou Malnati’s, quinoa superfood bowls from Eat Purely, apples and oranges

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