This is How Research Says You Should Pay Off Credit Cards
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Keeping your credit card balance low can seriously improve your financial situation by way of boosting your credit score. Thirty percent of your credit score is dictated by how much of your available credit you’re already using. And according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, only 35 percent of credit card users between the ages

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Jill Filipovic Investigates Expectations of Women at Work
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Jill Filipovic writes about women in the working world, but she herself knows what it’s like to make a huge career switch. In 2012, Filipovic left her full-time law career to write about feminism and politics for publications including The Guardian, The New York Times, the Washington Post, and, perhaps most notably, Cosmopolitan. She released her

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What Readers Need to Know About Political News
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Political news is everywhere you look these days, and it isn’t going away. But it could be improving. After the 2016 presidential election, some media consumers raised concerns about how politics is covered, and trust levels between journalists and the public diminished. (A Pew Research Center report released last week showed trust is divided along political lines.) Newsrooms

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A Quick Guide to First-Time Homebuying
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Do you dream about owning your own home? Are you tired of living in an apartment building where you share space with noisy neighbors? Do you long to paint your walls whatever color you darn well please, without answering to a landlord? Or, do you just find yourself craving a little extra space and itching

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New Thermal Computers Could Turn Heat into Energy
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We know that heat and electronics generally aren’t good bedfellows. But a team of engineers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is creating new thermal computers that not only thrive in extreme heat, but are powered by it. Sidy Ndao, assistant professor of mechanical and materials engineering, graduate student Mahmoud Elzouka and their team developed a thermal-mechanical

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GirlForward Helps Young Refugees Transition to a New Life
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Asmita Gurung’s story begins two years ago, on a stage at Chicago’s Bottom Lounge with 150 people waiting for her to speak. The speech was for nonprofit GirlForward’s Girl Jam event, which highlights performances by the teenage refugee girls involved in the program. Gurung was second to last to perform. The moment is vivid in her mind today.

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In Strangers We Trust: How Apps Are Teaching Us to Trust Again
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As kids we were taught some essentials: Don’t take candy from strangers in vans, don’t get in a car with someone you don’t know, don’t let anyone unfamiliar into the house unless they’re fixing something. Taking candy from strangers in vans is still discouraged, but new economic developments—specifically the rise of the sharing economy—have made the

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Could TV Reminders Cut Down Drunk Driving?
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Since the threat of texting and driving hit the scene, it feels like we’ve heard less and less about drunk driving. But it’s still very much a part of our culture. In fact, 2016 might have been one of the worst years in U.S. history for impaired driving deaths, with an average of 28 people being

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Do Prison Policies Encourage Repeat Offenders?
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At the end of 2015, 1 in 37 U.S. adults was incarcerated or on probation or parole, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. That’s more than 6.7 million people, and actually represents the lowest rate this country has seen since 1994, according to BJS data. The population that was under some form of “correctional supervision” was the

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How Dinosaurs Could Bridge Our Political Divide
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Plenty has been written about how our country’s political divide, but there’s one thing even Republicans and Democrats can agree on: Dinosaurs. No, seriously. Research has shown that although Republicans and Democrats don’t share a lot of interests when it comes to science, people on both sides of the aisle want to read about dinos. SUE the

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