Why Do ‘Mixed’ Couples Face Discrimination?
'mixed' couples

If you’ve ever dated someone who was visibly very different from you—like a different race or a different age—you’ve probably felt at some point like somebody was giving you the side eye. And you’re probably right. Research has shown that society does not look kindly on “mixed-status” relationships, or couples that appear to be very different

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Despite Everything You’ve Heard, Opposites Don’t Actually Attract

Both your mom and years of psychological research have said time and again that “opposites attract.” But by wading through years of Facebook click data, researchers have found that it’s really not true. Like generally goes with like, if you’ll pardon the pun. Michal Kosinski of Stanford University, Wu Youyou and David Stillwell of the University

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An Open Letter to a Friend I Miss
Open Letter

I called you today, friend. You knew today was the day. The day of the appointment. You told me that whatever the outcome I should call right away, or at least text. You said you would be right over. Like the true friend that you are you said I could cry and drink wine and

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Your Chance of Meeting ‘the One’ is Better than You Think

Most of us have spent time thinking about “the one”—that person we’re “supposed” to end up with, a pre-destined mate floating around out there somewhere. If you’re inclined to believe in that sort of thing, you’ve probably asked yourself, “How do I meet this person?” “Is the person I’m with right now the person I’m

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Want Your Relationship to Work? Stop Creeping on Them on Facebook
Stop Creeping

When you meet someone you like in the real world, often the first thing you do is check them out on social media (hey, it’s cool, we all do it). Do you have any mutual friends on Facebook? Are they funny on Twitter? What kind of selfies are they posting on Instagram? But research says that

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Bruno Press Crafts Modern Valentines with an Old-Fashioned Letterpress

Ever wish you had more options than “I Love You,” “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…” or “To My Beautiful Wife” for a Valentine’s Day card? How about something like: “I Tolerate You” or “Truth be told, Valentine’s Day does make me think of my true love… Whiskey.” Mary Bruno delivers on that—as the founder

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What to Say (and What Not to Say) to a Loved One Who’s Grieving

This article appeared originally on Next Avenue. Bad things happen. As we grow up, we become better acquainted with loss and sickness and grief. And we all find ourselves in the position of wanting to support friends and family who are going through terrible experiences. But what to say? How do we reach out in

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Want to Resolve Conflict at Home and at Work? Think About the Future
Resolve Conflict

Once you’re in the heat of a conflict—whether at home with your partner or a family member or at work with a colleague—it can be hard to back down, especially if you’re sure you’re in the right. But if it’s a resolution of yours to get a little less combative and to learn to handle disagreements calmly, try

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It’s Not Your Imagination, You Really Are Starting to Imitate Your Significant Other

Have you ever spent the weekend with a close friend—watching movies, playing video games, doing stuff you both love doing—and noticed near the end of it that you’ve apparently morphed into the same person over the course of a couple days? Science says that’s not just your imagination—we really do begin to imitate the ones we love.

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Does Traveling With the One You Love Make for a Better Relationship?
better relationship

The “romantic getaway” is billed in popular culture and advertising as a staple of any successful relationship. But can taking trips with your significant other actually improve the quality of your partnership? After all, traveling can be pretty stressful—and it only gets worse when there’s more than one person involved. There is research that suggests it

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