How Your Dreams Can Impact Your Relationship
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Have you ever had a bad dream about someone and woken up mad at them in real life? Scientists have actually studied this amusing phenomenon and learned that the experiences you have in your dreams do impact your relationships in the waking world—specifically your romantic relationships. Researchers had 61 students at the State University of New

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How to Manage Finances as a Couple, the Healthy Way
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Do you make more money than your significant other? Less? About the same? Regardless of how your earnings compare, experts say that there’s one major key to successfully manage finances as a couple: communicating well with your partner. “Money conversations… are very loaded,” said Jill Schlesinger, a certified financial planner and a business analyst for CBS

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Can Tinder Improve Your Relationship With Yourself?
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There’s a little frisson of excitement every time you open Tinder. It’s as addictive as Candy Crush and as promising as a blind date, and each new face that pops up is a potential romance. It’s no wonder that there are more than 1.6 billion Tinder profiles across the globe. Some have even turned Tinder

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Yes, You Absolutely Have a ‘Type’
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“What’s your type?” We’re asked this often by friends and nosy relatives who want to set us up on dates. Some of us can identify common threads between the people we find attractive—tall people, short people, people with glasses, people who have good manners. But one study says a lot of that is circumstantial: the similarities

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Why You Feel Closer to Your Pet than Your Sibling
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Do you love your dog more than your sister? Feel happier eating a meal alongside your cat than next to your brother? Sure, it sounds weird to say it out loud, but you’re not alone: new research from the University of Cambridge has found not only that children appear to get along better with animal companions than with siblings, but

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Why You Shouldn’t Tag Friends in Photos
Tag Friends

We’ve all been tempted—you’re digging through a box of old stuff and find an outstanding photo from high school that captures your best friends in a… hilarious position. You want to throw it up on Facebook, tag your friends and caption it with a string of hilarious insider-joke emojis…. But first, take a moment to

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Could ‘Living Apart Together’ Help Couples Thrive?
living apart together

Young adults are pushing the boundaries when it comes to relationships: we’re meeting each other using apps, getting married less and waiting to have children if we have children at all. But despite shaking off some social norms, we’re still clinging to others: Living together, whether as a married couple or as committed partners, is still seen

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When You Don’t Agree, How to Talk About Politics

Soon after the election in early November, the internet memes started flying—a lot of young people were dreading heading home for the Thanksgiving holiday because of possible political conflicts with family. And with changes to the political landscape happening fast these days, there continues to be a lot to talk about—or not talk about, depending on

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Why Do ‘Mixed’ Couples Face Discrimination?
'mixed' couples

If you’ve ever dated someone who was visibly different from you—like a different race or a different age—you’ve probably felt at some point like somebody was giving you the side eye. And you’re probably right. Research has shown that society does not look kindly on “mixed-status” relationships, or couples that appear to be very different from

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Despite Everything You’ve Heard, Opposites Don’t Actually Attract

Both your mom and years of psychological research have said time and again that “opposites attract.” But by wading through years of Facebook click data, researchers have found that it’s really not true. Like generally goes with like, if you’ll pardon the pun. Michal Kosinski of Stanford University, Wu Youyou and David Stillwell of the University

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