Want to Learn About Wine? Here’s 3 Must-Reads
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Around the time I entered high school, my dad got really into wine. As part of my parents’ basement renovation, they installed a basement wine cellar and my dad began to stock it with his favorite bottles. When I was “old enough,” I was allowed to start tasting during special meals, for which my dad

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Hooking Up While Traveling: What You Need to Know
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A quick Google search of “hooking up while traveling” brings up many, many how-tos. You might never have considered it before (I’m exposing how very uncool I was as a teen and young adult), but hooking up with people you meet on vacation is totally a thing. As Laurel Miller wrote for Refinery29, “there’s something about being

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The Social Science Behind Emojis
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Oh. Em. Gee. It’s kind of incredible how much language has evolved since texting and other forms of digital communication have become as common as eating, sleeping or breathing. And a lot more common than actually talking on the phone. Take emojis for example. Some might see the swell of emoji culture as a sign

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How to Break the Cycle of Chronic Stress
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Being a little worried when appropriate can help you achieve your goals. But being super stressed all the time isn’t good for you. Not only is constant stress a drain on your emotions, it can also impact your physical health. Prolonged stress triggers your body to release too much of its natural stress hormone, cortisol. That

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Why Weddings Cost So Much, and How to Spend Less
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We’re in the midst of Wedding Season 2017. Between champagne toasts and wedding cake slices, consider this: The average wedding in the United States in 2016 cost a whopping $35,239. Yeah. Don’t choke on your bubbly. In an annual poll of 13,000 couples, popular wedding planning website The Knot found the average wedding in 2016 cost more

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What to Do If a Loved One is Struggling with Addiction
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In 2015, Nathan Detering, a Boston-based Unitarian Universalist minister (and, incidentally, my cousin) lost his brother to an opiate overdose. Earlier this year, Nathan wrote publicly about his younger brother Nick’s struggle with addiction for public radio station WBUR. He asked himself—as a minister and as a brother—what he should have done differently. “Should I have prayed

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Why You Should Try Skateboarding
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They say that youth is wasted on the young. If you’re anything like me, you look back on being a kid and wonder why you didn’t learn how to do this or that when your brain was still like a big sponge—become fluent in a second language or master the electric guitar, for example. But

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Now or Later: Why You Should Make Fun a Priority
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Just two more work items to check off your list, and then you can take a walk. Just a few weeks left of this massive project and then you can take a mini-vacation. Just six months left as “the new guy” and then you can start taking a lunch break. After all, abandoning your work to

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How to Help Someone Experiencing PTSD
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In 2015, Stephanie Lembo shared her story on Facebook. In a six-minute video that would go viral, Lembo wordlessly and tearfully described her Navy husband’s fight with his mental health after returning home from deployment. We learn that he eventually took his own life, leaving Lembo and their children confused and devastated. Lembo struggled to understand what had happened

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Why We Buy Things That Other People Hate
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Bushy facial hair. High-waisted mom jeans. Giant glasses. As of this writing, these are popular fashion trends. They’re also controversial—either you love these looks or you hate them. And the people who choose to subscribe to these polarizing trends might not realize there’s a reason behind their preferences. At least, that’s the gist of a new study

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