Fallen Fruit Brings Free, Organic Produce to Public Spaces
Fallen Fruit pbs rewire

Have you ever walked past an apple tree or berry bush in a public space and wondered what happens to the fruit? Is it safe to pick and eat, or not? Unfortunately, a lot of it goes to waste—getting overripe, falling to the ground and rotting. To the guys behind Fallen Fruit, that waste, existing

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How Luke Davies Went from Poet to Academy Award Nominee
Luke Davies pbs rewire

Just a few weeks before the 2017 Academy Awards, “Lion” screenwriter Luke Davies flew to London for for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards. He brought his niece with him to the ceremony, where he won the award for Best Adapted Screenplay. For the Oscars, he brought his mother along, flying her

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Screenwriting Maven Heidi Hornbacher Wants to Help You ‘Crack Your Story’
Screenwriting Maven pbs rewire

Talking to Heidi Hornbacher makes you believe you can write the next “Inception.” And she wants to help you do it. The term “polymath” leaps to mind—Hornbacher is a teacher, writer, director, producer, executive and entrepreneur, the founder of Supposable Productions and PageCraft, a company that offers screenwriting retreats in Italy and workshops in Los Angeles. Los

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Meet the Busy Guys Behind Bizzy Coffee
Bizzy Coffee

Ever thought to yourself, “There simply aren’t enough hours in the day”? What do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed? Best friends Alex French and Andrew Healy felt like they had way too much to do and not enough energy to do it, so they started a company—Bizzy Coffee—to help them, and others, solve that

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Soft Robotics Engineer Kari Love Started as a Broadway Costume Designer
Broadway Costume Designer

Art and science make brilliant partners, and when you find a single creator who has mastered both disciplines, you’re in fascinating territory. Enter soft robotics engineer Kari Love. As a robotics engineer, Love has created costumes for Broadway productions, puppets for “Sesame Street” and spacesuits. So what is soft robotics? The easiest way to think

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This Young Chef is Building a Company to Keep Seniors Healthy
young chef

Grocery delivery services. Take out. Dining out. Apps for meals delivered straight to you. These days, you can sample from a smorgasbord of food services and products to make your life easier, but what’s missing from some of these modern-day conveniences? First of all, human interaction. Open your app and request whatever it is you need and it arrives on

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How a Husband and Wife Channeled Their Chemistry into a Biomedical Business
Biomedical Business

Susie and Michael Wuollett didn’t set out to be entrepreneurs—and they definitely didn’t plan to invent a product that stops bleeding. Both children of business owners themselves, they knew the difficulties and anxieties of running a company. “Michael’s mom had a salon and my dad had a counseling service and we wanted to pick the biggest

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How One Community Turned a Racial Divide Into a Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr

“How do you go about loving your enemies?” This quote from Dr. Martin Luther King has new and challenging resonance today. The question can be found carved in steel in a large, abstract sculpture called “Freedom Forum II,” installed in a hillside Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Park in Minneapolis. Renamed just months after Dr. King’s

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The Rise and Fall (and Rise Again?) of Musical Film
musical film

It might be a toe-tapping, jazz-handed renaissance. “La La Land” swept the Golden Globes last night and has been lauded as the second coming of musical film in American cinema. Other modern movie musicals like “Pitch Perfect,” “Into the Woods” and “Les Miserables” and TV shows like “Glee” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (not to mention the recent

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Asiya Breaks Barriers to Sports for Muslim Girls

Minneapolis activist Fatimah Hussein noticed a problem while working with Muslim girls at a community gym: they were sitting on the sidelines not because they didn’t want to play, but because they didn’t have the right clothes. That’s when Hussein got the idea for Asiya, a new line of sleek, breathable and sweat-wicking athletic hijabs. The product of

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