Want to Go Solar? Do It as a Community
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With recent innovations like Tesla’s solar shingles, the future of solar-powered living is looking bright. Still, supplying homes and businesses with affordable solar power is a complex undertaking. “There’s a lot of moving parts to community solar,” according to Eric Dahnke, the founder and CEO of ProjectEconomics, a Brooklyn-based company that creates software that enables utilities

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What a ‘Great Yellowstone Thaw’ Means for Grizzlies
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“Don’t wake the baby”—the constant refrain for new parents. One overly loud laugh or ring of the doorbell and nap time is over, just that quickly. Turns out sleep can be just as touchy in the animal kingdom. Towering, meaty giants compared to human babies, grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park and surrounding areas have also been

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Snakes, Anemones and Sharks: Dive into ‘Big Pacific’
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It’s the stuff of dreams – or nightmares – depending upon what you find fascinating and frightening. PBS’ “Big Pacific” series captures many animals with unusual adaptations that leave them spring-loaded to inconspicuously attack their prey. The series is filled with animal behaviors that have seldom – if ever – been captured on film, said producer

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Your Food, Brought to You By Robot Bees
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Wild bee populations in the U.S. are shrinking, while the demand for almonds, apples, peaches, plums and other crops that depend on these pollinators is steadily rising. Commercial pollination services, which allow growers to rent bees and other pollinators have been used to fill in some of the gap in this demand. Managed pollination comes with

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More Men than Women Leap from College to STEM Careers, but Why?
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Have you ever been in the middle of a job interview and realized that no matter what you did, you probably weren’t going to get the job? There are millions of legally acceptable reasons why an interview might be tanking, but findings from a recent study suggest that women continue to be passed over in STEM (science, technology,

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Want to Make a Baby? These Products Can Help
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Maybe you’re finally “there:” You and your partner are ready to take the leap from “Let’s avoid pregnancy” to “Let’s get pregnant, on purpose.” You probably have a plan for what will be next, whether that means “trying” a lot with your partner, looking for a fantastic sperm donor or searching for an uber-cool surrogate.

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How Bionic Skin Could Solve Real World Problems
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From our favorite bionic pet, Chris P. Bacon, to the development of softer, more human robots, the days of bionic body parts are no longer limited to comic book characters. And thanks to a new 3-D printing process developed by researchers at the University of Minnesota, new bionic skin could lead to innovations ranging from touch-enhanced surgical robots to

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A Beginner’s Guide to Credit Scores
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Having good credit can mean better financial opportunities. It might make you eligible for loans or credit cards that aren’t available to folks with lower credit, setting you up to make big, important purchases. It can also lead to other perks, like lower interest rates and higher credit limits. But how do you know if

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A Quick Guide to First-Time Homebuying
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Do you dream about owning your own home? Are you tired of living in an apartment building where you share space with noisy neighbors? Do you long to paint your walls whatever color you darn well please, without answering to a landlord? Or, do you just find yourself craving a little extra space and itching

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Giant Armadillos Are the Team Players of the Animal Kingdom
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What stealthy nocturnal animals are bigger than golden retrievers, can dig burrows up to 20 feet deep, and are found in the largest tropical wetland in the world? Giant armadillos. These unusual and rare creatures are the fascinating stars of “Hotel Armadillo” on PBS’s “Nature.” Meet the unlikely ‘ecosystem engineers’ Arnaud Desbiez is the founder of

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