How to Live Longer, According to Science
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If you’re looking for tips on how to live longer, look no further than the internet. According to Google, there are more than 30 million verified pieces of information on the subject. There are tips on how to lengthen your life span, products that you can buy, methods proven by scientific research—too many, in fact. Most people

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Why You Feel Bad After a Breakup, and What to Do About It
Why You Feel Bad After a Breakup, and What to Do About It

The beginning of a relationship can be thrilling—you feel ecstasy when your partner is with you and a sense of yearning when they’re not around. In fact, some lovebirds can’t keep their hands off each other. The reason for this behavior? Oxytocin. The ‘cuddle chemical’ If you’ve heard about the hormone oxytocin before, it’s either

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How to Adapt Your Garden to a Changing Climate
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Last summer, I stuck up a pleasant conversation with Will Hsu, a prominent ginseng farmer in the state of Wisconsin. It was March, and the temperature at lunchtime had risen to more than 70 degrees. “Isn’t it a gorgeous day?” I asked. “No, it’s really bad,” he said. Why wasn’t he pleased to be outside

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How Small Talk Might Just Save Your Life
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There’s nothing more awkward that sitting in a chair while a nurse prepares your arm for a shot—or even worse, stripping down to a paper gown for a more invasive exam. It’s uncomfortable because we’re taught to respect other people’s personal space, and we’re not used to having ours invaded by a stranger’s touch. When

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How to Make Workplace Stress Work for You
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This article appeared originally on Next Avenue. Feeling stressed at work? Sorry to say, you’re in excellent company. According to an American Psychological Association survey, people in the U.S. are more stressed than at any time during the past decade. But I’m happy to share five helpful coping strategies I picked up from two experts while attending the recent

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4 Things You Can Do Today to Help Save the Environment
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Life moves fast. It’s complicated. Sometimes it feels like a huge achievement just to get your bills paid on time. And then someone’s telling you you’re supposed to add “Save the Environment” to your to-do list? You don’t have to collect rainwater or keep a compost bin under your sink to live a more environmentally

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Tetris Might Help People Recover from Trauma, Addiction
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Have you ever gotten so into a video game that you’ve dreamt about it? It’s possible that type of immersion could have some positive psychological benefits. Case in point: Recent research from University of Oxford found that patients who played Tetris in the emergency room following a traumatic event had less intrusive memories afterward. When

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How Big Data Can Help You Make Big Life Choices
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Assume you’ve beaten the odds (which actually are not all that terrible) and have found “the one” you want to spend the rest of your life with. How can you know for sure they’re the right person? Some people go with their gut, others might make a decision tree, but University of Chicago Economist Robert

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Would You Buy Sustainable Tires Made from Grass and Trees?
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If the answer wasn’t an instant “Yes, that’s so cool,” you might not be 100 percent sold on sustainable anything. Political agendas aside, “sustainable” is a much more practical concept than most people assume. In fact, you might use it to describe your car tires in a couple of years, thanks to new research from the

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Soon Windows May Generate Solar Power Too
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When most people hear the word “solar power,” they typically picture clunky, awkward solar panels that are as much of an eyesore as they are energy efficient. Tesla has gone a long way to change that perception with its well-designed solar roof tiles, but there’s something even more innovative that’s being developed by scientists across

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