4 Things You Can Do Today to Help Save the Environment
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Life moves fast. It’s complicated. Sometimes it feels like a huge achievement just to get your bills paid on time. And then someone’s telling you you’re supposed to add “Save the Environment” to your to-do list? You don’t have to collect rainwater or keep a compost bin under your sink to live a more environmentally

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Tetris Might Help People Recover from Trauma, Addiction
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Have you ever gotten so into a video game that you’ve dreamt about it? It’s possible that type of immersion could have some positive psychological benefits. Case in point: Recent research from University of Oxford found that patients who played Tetris in the emergency room following a traumatic event had less intrusive memories afterward. When

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How Big Data Can Help You Make Big Life Choices
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Assume you’ve beaten the odds (which actually are not all that terrible) and have found “the one” you want to spend the rest of your life with. How can you know for sure they’re the right person? Some people go with their gut, others might make a decision tree, but University of Chicago Economist Robert

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Would You Buy Sustainable Tires Made from Grass and Trees?
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If the answer wasn’t an instant “Yes, that’s so cool,” you might not be 100 percent sold on sustainable anything. Political agendas aside, “sustainable” is a much more practical concept than most people assume. In fact, you might use it to describe your car tires in a couple of years, thanks to new research from the

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Soon Windows May Generate Solar Power Too
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When most people hear the word “solar power,” they typically picture clunky, awkward solar panels that are as much of an eyesore as they are energy efficient. Tesla has gone a long way to change that perception with its well-designed solar roof tiles, but there’s something even more innovative that’s being developed by scientists across

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Something’s Fishy: DNA Tests Reveal Nearly Half of Fish Mislabeled
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Next time you go out for sushi, you might want to think of the menu as more of a guide than an actual representation of what you’re going to eat. According to recent research UCLA and Loyola Marymount University, when you order red snapper, you might be getting red snapper—but probably not. Your sushi is not

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Go With the Grain: Gluten-Free Diets Linked to Type 2 Diabetes
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We all want to be our best selves, and sometimes the pathway to self improvement is a change in diet. But how do you choose? There’s the Mediterranean diet, the Atkins diet, Paleo (which is technically a lifestyle) and more. But new research presented at a 2017 American Heart Association meeting casts doubt on the health benefits

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Gimme a Break: Women Face Harsher Punishment at Work Than Men
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For decades, women have been lobbying for equal pay in the workplace, but it seems that there’s something equally important that has gone unnoticed—equal punishment. It turns out that women not only earn less than their male counterparts, but they are also subject to significantly harsher punishment for workplace transgressions. Seriously, guys? More likely to get

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3 Easy Steps to Protect Your Credit Rating
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(This article originally appeared on NextAvenue.org) You’ve heard this advice since you opened your first savings account: a high credit score is the key to financial bliss. As true as that is, there’s more: a high credit rating can also help provide financial stability throughout your life. Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever to protect your

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Why You Feel Closer to Your Pet than Your Sibling
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Do you love your dog more than your sister? Feel happier eating a meal alongside your cat than next to your brother? Sure, it sounds weird to say it out loud, but you’re not alone: new research from the University of Cambridge has found not only that children appear to get along better with animal companions than with siblings, but

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