Do Prison Policies Encourage Repeat Offenders?
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At the end of 2015, 1 in 37 U.S. adults was incarcerated or on probation or parole, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. That’s more than 6.7 million people, and actually represents the lowest rate this country has seen since 1994, according to BJS data. The population that was under some form of “correctional supervision” was the

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How Dinosaurs Could Bridge Our Political Divide
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Plenty has been written about how our country’s political divide, but there’s one thing even Republicans and Democrats can agree on: Dinosaurs. No, seriously. Research has shown that although Republicans and Democrats don’t share a lot of interests when it comes to science, people on both sides of the aisle want to read about dinos. SUE the

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Study: Female Entrepreneurs Feel Pressure to Act a Certain Way Online
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There’s been lots of good news when it comes to startups in the past year—our culture is celebrating entrepreneurial spirit, and the people who are launching and running the country’s businesses are more diverse than ever. The gender gap in entrepreneurship continues to close: about 40 percent of 2016’s new entrepreneurs were women, according to the Kaufmann

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A Coffee Cup Tax Could Be the Pollution Solution
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We’re the generation of reduce, reuse and recycle. But we also love our coffee. When you stop by your favorite cafe—maybe even every morning—do you make an effort to bring your own cup? Or are you taking a paper one to go? If you’re guilty of the latter, your to-go cup might be ending up

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For Businesses on Social Media, Authenticity is Key
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If you’re starting a business, your product or service probably already has a social media presence. After all, social media is free, it’s everywhere and you’re already doing it anyway. Some companies have exploded based on their popularity on social media alone. What’s rare for businesses on social media is authenticity. But you can’t just

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When Judging Others Isn’t a Bad Thing
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Judge not, lest ye be judged. Or maybe judging each other is a good thing? New research suggests that judging the people you work with—both positively and negatively—could help you work better together. “People really care about their moral reputation,” said Stanford University sociologist and researcher Robb Willer to the university. “So just knowing that you

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How Your Dreams Can Impact Your Relationship
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Have you ever had a bad dream about someone and woken up mad at them in real life? Scientists have actually studied this amusing phenomenon and learned that the experiences you have in your dreams do impact your relationships in the waking world—specifically your romantic relationships. Researchers had 61 students at the State University of New

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Distracted? Here’s Why You Can’t Finish That Task
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You already have a million things to get done at work today. Add to the mix some coworkers chatting nearby, your friend blowing up your phone about a weekend plan that feels like lightyears away at this point, your mom emailing you photos of your little brother’s prom and an impromptu meeting with your boss and

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Can Incentive Pay Actually Decrease Motivation?
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Have you ever gotten a bonus at work for meeting a production goal set by your boss? Or because you had a stellar performance review? Or through a workplace-wide incentive pay program? You probably felt pretty good about getting that extra cash, but how did you feel beforehand? New research suggests that while employees might be motivated

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Deep Sleep Might Help You Stay Young
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Remember your teenage years when getting next-to-no sleep had next-to-no effect on you the next day? If you’re anything like me, there was a fateful all-nighter in your early to mid 20s that made it very clear you could no longer hang. If you now treasure your sleep, good. Getting quality sleep could be the secret

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