Jane Palmer Makes Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Clothing Dyes
clothing dyes pbs rewire

What’s at the intersection of fashion and science? There’s more overlap than you might imagine, and Los Angeles-based Jane Palmer is right in the thick of it, engineering innovative and environmentally friendly clothing dyes that she hopes will change the fashion industry game. Not only are her dyes natural—sidestepping the chemical pollution problem that comes with synthetic

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How The Plant Brings Food Production Full Circle
net-zero pbs rewire

If you ever had to read Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” for history or literature class, there’s likely a certain not-so-flattering image of Chicago’s meatpacking district and its businesses’ practices that lingers in your mind: Filthy and dangerous working conditions and minimal pay for employees and huge amounts of pollution pumped out into the environment. What if

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Las Fotos Project Teaches Teen Girls Confidence Through Photography
Las Fotos pbs rewire

What’s the power of artistic expression? The teen students of Las Fotos Project in Los Angeles will give you all kinds of answers. The organization teaches photography skills to low- and middle-income girls of color who wouldn’t otherwise have access to photography equipment and classes. Founder Eric Ibarra started the program to provide kids a creative outlet,

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Fallen Fruit Brings Free, Organic Produce to Public Spaces
Fallen Fruit pbs rewire

Have you ever walked past an apple tree or berry bush in a public space and wondered what happens to the fruit? Is it safe to pick and eat, or not? Unfortunately, a lot of it goes to waste—getting overripe, falling to the ground and rotting. To the guys behind Fallen Fruit, that waste, existing

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How to Shoot Beautiful Portraits Using Available Light
Beautiful Portraits

Are you interested taking up photography but not sure where to start? Even though most of us have amazing photography technology at our fingertips at all times in the form of our smartphones, it can be a challenging hobby to pick up—there are so many techniques to learn and gadgets to buy. But beautiful portraits

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How to Take Photos That Make Your Products Look Amazing Online
Amazing Online

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling hand-crafted soaps on Etsy or a vintage sweater on eBay—having a high-quality photo on your product page can make or break your sale. That’s why Rewire asked Los Angeles photographer Jim Newberry to share some of his professional expertise to help our readers take photos of their wares that look incredible and motivate

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We Asked a Mortician, and This is What She Said

Composting dead bodies. Mourning jewelry made of human hair. The fate of breast implants during cremation. These are all topics Caitlin Doughty, an artisanal undertaker (we’ll explain what that means, don’t worry) and all-around death expert, has tackled on her hit web series, “Ask a Mortician.” Doughty talks about all of this and more with a sense of humor

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Pure Cycles Makes Affordable Bikes in Beautiful Colors
pure cycles

What’s more exciting than flying down the street on your bike, wind blowing through your hair? For the guys at Pure Cycles, it’s designing and selling that bike. They’re bent on producing a fun and beautiful product that even the most inexperienced biker would be comfortable shopping for and riding. Los Angeles Photographer Jim Newberry stopped

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Helen Money Makes Heavy Metal Music with Her Cello
helen money

Take all your pre-conceived notions about music and throw them out the window—Helen Money is here to show you that boxes are for squares. Money, the stage name for Alison Chesley, is a cellist who defies the laws of labels, walking the lines between rock and classical, ambient and heavy metal, and doing it beautifully. Photo

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Aly Moore Wants You to Eat Bugs
eat bugs

Yes, bugs. And no, we’re not kidding. Aly Moore, co-founder and COO of Spylight, is a successful entrepreneur with a Master’s in Public Health from Yale University who is trying to promote eating insects as a healthier, more sustainable food alternative. Her newest business venture, Bugible, helps companies working with edible insects tell their stories, build

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